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All The Reasons Kids Are The Worst

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"They're so cute," they said. "You don't know what you're missing," they said. "My kids are my world," they said. These are the things we heard before we became parents. And while all of this is true, no one tells us the other side of things... that kids can actually be THE WORST.

Thanks to the Instagram account "Kids Are The Worst," parents now have a place to share their kids' not-so-awesome moments... and get some support for their daily struggles.

They get into our stuff...

That crime of the month. ••• ••• #PaddedWallsCuzMomIsGonnaGoCrazy photo thanks to @tinybeanskids #kidsaretheworst

A photo posted by #kidsaretheworst (@kidsaretheworst) on

They make messes... big messes.

You can't leave them alone for five seconds.

Food is a power play.

They like to redecorate.

They stink.

It was a blowout weekend. #CacaDontPreach #PoopsThereItIs #AndItWasAllYellow photo thanks to @altthrasher #kidsaretheworst

A photo posted by #kidsaretheworst (@kidsaretheworst) on

They want to do everything themselves.

At least it was the small jar of salsa. #ChipOffTheOldSomething photo thanks to @amyrk7 #kidsaretheworst

A photo posted by #kidsaretheworst (@kidsaretheworst) on

They never listen.

They're gross.

Thinking it's Monday, but it's snot. #IfBoogersGotMedalsThisWouldBeGold photo thanks to @gravy_pants15 #kidsaretheworst

A photo posted by #kidsaretheworst (@kidsaretheworst) on

They always put stuff where it doesn't belong.

We are their jungle gym.

Where wrinkles come from. #HurrySomeoneSlapTheDadOnTheBack photo thanks to @taylor11moon #kidsaretheworst

A photo posted by #kidsaretheworst (@kidsaretheworst) on


Clearly one winner. #ItsNotARivalryIfOneIsInABox photo thanks to @pedregonmr #kidsaretheworst Tag your sibling rival.

A photo posted by #kidsaretheworst (@kidsaretheworst) on

Their version of "helping" is questionable.

Toilets are not for peeing in.

Shopping should NOT be this complicated.

Their moods have no filter.

Pants are optional.

"I said 'SNOW pants!' Not 'no pants!' #WearYourPantsGirl? Photo thanks to @ericalebaron #kidsaretheworst

A photo posted by #kidsaretheworst (@kidsaretheworst) on


How you know that your kid is super fly. ("Supa fly"?) #SupaFlyKidYouGotThere photo thanks to @morgankinyon #kidsaretheworst

A photo posted by #kidsaretheworst (@kidsaretheworst) on

Our poor cars.

But one sticky hug or kiss makes us forget all these things.

Because kids are actually the best.

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