You Don't Have To Say No To These Things Just Because You Have Bladder Leakage

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It’s estimated that one in three Canadians will experience bladder leakage in their lifetime. While it seems like the problem can put a serious damper on life, you don’t have to give up the things you love just because of it. With the symptoms of bladder leakage kept at bay with bladder support products and these handy tips presented in partnership with Poise Impressa, you can manage the condition and go about living your life.

Let’s Go Dancing!
Having bladder leakage doesn’t mean you have to hang up your dancing shoes. Visiting your physician to determine the possible causes and symptoms can be the initial step to resolving the problem. For women, using tampon-like products that lift and support the urethra can be the difference between an amazing time at the club or a memorable night for all the wrong reasons.

Dining Out
Food lovers with bladder leakage issues rejoice — you don’t have to decline that dinner at your favourite restaurant. Just be careful with what you order. Avoid alcoholic beverages as they can irritate the bladder and also affect your judgement, possibly making it harder for you to judge when you should head to the washroom. Studies have found that spicy and citrus foods can also make bladder leakage worse.

Going To The Gym
Some people with bladder control concerns stop exercising, fearing overexertion can lead to leakage. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Think about the fluids you drink before you workout as beverages with caffeine in them act as diuretics. But both men and women can also do Kegel exercises that help strengthen pelvic wall muscles, making it easier for you to control your bladder.

Having Sex
Having bladder leakage during sex is nothing to be embarrassed about as many women face the same issue. The good thing is that the problem can be managed: doing simple things such as cutting down on the alcohol, caffeine and also using the washroom before sex can help to reduce the chance of leakage. It might also be useful to try bladder training, a behavioural therapy that teaches your body to hold urine in for extended periods of time by timing washroom visits. Talk to you doctor to see if that method suits you.

They say that laughter can be the best medicine, but it can be a prescription for embarrassment for those with bladder leakage issues. The first step to resolving this issue can be strengthening your pelvic floor muscles through exercise to help improve bladder control. Visiting a family doctor to determine the root cause of the issue is also key.

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