12 Mother's Day Ideas That Will Show Her How Much You Care

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Finding the perfect gift for Mom is a monster task — nothing ever seems good enough and when you finally find something semi-worthy, it's usually out of your price range.

So what do you get the woman who's given you pretty much everything (including life itsself)? According to a survey by online marketplace Retail Me Not, 23 per cent of moms just want a nice meal, while 13 per cent would simply be happy with a day off. Other desirable gifts include the classics like flowers, jewelry and chocolate.

But we can all agree the one thing Mom does want in her life is spending more time with her kids. And if you haven't hung out in a while, this is your time to treat her.

Below we rounded up 12 Mother's Day ideas that are beyond just the gifts — and simply about getting to know her better as a friend. Let us know, what are you plans for Mother's Day?

  • Shoes
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    Whether she needs a new pair of running shoes or a fancy pair heels for an upcoming event, take her shopping and let her pick out a perfect pair.
  • A Trip To The Spa
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    Spoil her with a spa day. Mom deserves to be pampered, so even if you can't get an appointment at a near by day spa, you could take her to get her nails done, or hire an registered massage therapist to come to her house.
  • Champagne
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    A celebration always calls for a bit of bubbly, and since we're celebrating Mom, we'd say she deserves a bottle all to herself.
  • Plants
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    A bouquet of flowers is always a good idea, but flowers that will continue to bloom all season long are even better.
  • A Book
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    Whether its a new bestseller, or an early edition of her favourite book, giving Mom a gift that lets her take time for herself is always a good idea.
  • A New Robe
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    Lounge wear can look a little frumpy, but a beautiful robe will make her feel as beautiful.
  • Unique Pottery
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    She's one of a kind, so she deserves a gift that's one of a kind too. Keep an eye out for unique pottery, or pick out matching pieces and paint them together.
  • A Blanket
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    Keep her cozy in a soft knit blanket.
  • A Fancy Meal
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    There's a reason why so many restaurants book up on Mother's Day, and its not because people are too lazy to cook. According to a survey by Retail Me Not, 25 per cent of moms request a nice meal on their special day.
  • Art
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    Get her a print of her favourite painting, or simply spend the day with her at a local art gallery. Either way she'll appreciate the sentiment.
  • Take Her On A Movie Date
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    As a kid you might have been too embarrassed to be seen with your mom at the movies, but now that you're an adult, you realize going to the movies with mom is the exact same as going with one of your friends.
  • Watch The Game Together
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    If she's a sports fan, she won't want to miss even one game of the basketball and hockey playoffs or current baseball season. Get her a jersey, prepare some game time snack and sit back and start cheering.