Salute: Watch Stories Of Life, Death, And Service In The Canadian Forces

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There’s an elite group of paratroopers in the Canadian Army known as “pathfinders,” who go behind enemy lines to chart the way forward, through the fog.

Steve Daniel has always known there’s nothing natural or sensible about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. He signed up for that kind of life because he craved adventure. Soon, it was near impossible to imagine doing anything else.

All that changed in an instant, the day the winds shifted. A perfect jump from 12,000 feet ended in tragedy and heartbreak on the ground. And Daniel would suddenly be forced to imagine a very different kind of life.

"I worked my entire life to be this sergeant. This paratrooper. That was all I knew. Take that away and who am I?"

Watch four stories of life, death, and service in the Canadian Forces.


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