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We trust the HuffPost Canada Style Contributors — beauty and fashion gurus from coast to coast, to translate Canadian and international trends. That hot new beauty collection? They tested and reviewed it before it hit shelves. The latest "it" item was hanging in their closets long before the buzz.

"The Weekly Review" is a roundup of the latest looks, trends and products they're loving. This week, they share how to get the perfect sunless tan, summer hair care tips, summer wardrobe must-haves, and more! Check back each week for more reviews from the HuffPost Canada Style Contributors.

  • Summer hair care
    altrendo images via Getty Images
    Caroline, Style On The Side: "Last week we discussed how to prep your skin for summer, but what about your hair? If you are anything like me, then you'll find that with every major season change you are forced to become re-acquainted with your hair. So what do you do?" Caroline shares her summer hair care tips, here.
  • Laura Sherway Gardens launch
    Latest Wrinkle
    Amanda, Latest Wrinkle: "Laura launched their newest "triple concept store" with three sections filled with beautiful petite, plus and straight sized pieces. When I went to check out the new location, I fell in love with all the gorgeous on-trend prints and fantastic dresses, as well as perfect separates, in all sizes." Amanda shares more about the Laura Sherway Garden launch, here.
  • Obagi vitamin C serum (that actually smells good!)
    Henna, Canadian Beauty: "Whether you get this serum in the 10 per cent, 15 per cent or 20 per cent version, your skin will be clearer, brighter, and better able to defend itself against free-radical damage, leading to clearer and brighter skin in the long run." Read Henna's full review of the Obagi vitamin C serum, here.
  • Lace slip
    Allure Of Simplicity
    Aney, Allure Of Simplicity: "If you love comfort, you will love wearing lace slips. I fell in love with this underwear-as-outerwear trend last summer and I'm happy to see that it's still in this season. In fact, I'm noticing that the lengths have grown longer overtime. It started with a short slip to a midi — and now it’s near floor length." Aney shares more about her lace slip from Zara, here.
  • Self-Tanning 101
    Short Present
    Kayla, Short Presents: "I'm a huge fan of sunless tanners. During the summer months, I basically plan my life around my tanning routine. But with so many options out there, it can be tricky to know when to use what. From powders, to mouse, to dry oil and even serums, I've tested them all, and I'm here to give you the scoop. Sit back and relax, because self-tanning 101 is about to begin." Read more, here.
  • Summer trends your wardrobe needs
    Fashion. Food. Flair.
    Tee, Fashion. Food. Flair.: "Does your wardrobe need a summer makeover? Or maybe it just needs a few key pieces to give it that extra boost? I decided to make a wish list with a site you may have heard me mention a few times: SheIn. With trendy pieces that can easily be styled together, and with tempting prices, how can I say no? And I bet after seeing it you can't either!" Check out Tee's summer wardrobe wish list, here.
  • OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass collection
    Kaitlyn Elisabeth Beauty
    Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn Elisabeth Beauty: "When your favourite nail polish line brings out a collection inspired by one of your favourite Disney movies, you are bound to be excited. With a mixture of bold and delicate shades, the OPI Alice Through the Looking Glass collection embodies the fantasy of Wonderland and you certainly won't want to be late to this party." Read Kaitlyn's full review of the OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass collection, here.
  • Summer white
    Smitten Sophie
    Sophie, Smitten Sophie: "White is one colour you are going to see quite frequently on my blog and Instagram for the next few weeks. Probably because everything I own in this colour is lightweight, loose and allows a lot of ventilation. All three elements are very important in helping me keep my cool during this humid summer." Find out more about Sophie's look, here.
  • How to make red lips last
    Jonathan Knowles via Getty Images
    Sarah, Sarah Ohm: "Why do I never wear a red lip? Because it basically takes me 15 minutes to apply the red, and I'm also scared that it's going to bleed, or come off, or smudge if I eat or drink something. So I took to Instagram to ask people their advise on how I can [wear a red lip] without fear." Sarah shares the top tips for a lasting red lip, here.
  • How to make an off-the-shoulder top
    In the video above, With Wendy teaches us how to make one of summer's hottest trends -- the off-the-shoulder top.

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