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We trust the HuffPost Canada Style Contributors — beauty and fashion gurus from coast to coast, to translate Canadian and international trends. That hot new beauty collection? They tested and reviewed it before it hit shelves. The latest "it" item was hanging in their closets long before the buzz.

"The Weekly Review" is a roundup of the latest looks, trends and products they're loving. This week, they share Father's Day gift ideas, a summer skincare challenge, their travel OOTDs, and more! Check back each week for more reviews from the HuffPost Canada Style Contributors.

  • Jack Black skincare for dads
    Short Presents
    Kayla, Short Presents: "Jack Black is a relatively new company that has been making waves in recent years, thanks to their premium body and skin care products for men. The products we had a chance to test included three skin care products: the Protein Booster Eye Rescue ($46), Double Duty Face Moisturizer with SPF ($33), and the Power Peel Multi-Acid Resurfacing Pads ($42)." Read the full review, here.
  • Lush Smuggler's Soul products for dads
    Henna, Canadian Beauty: "So we know that dads are notoriously difficult to shop for. This year, introduce them to the Smuggler's Soul products from Lush ... The smoky sandalwood scent of the Smuggler's Soul products make them appropriate for everyone, even though they are created (and scented) to appeal to Dad." Read Henna's full review of the Smuggler's Soul products, here.
  • Classy and comfy travel OOTD
    Latest Wrinkle
    Amanda, Latest Wrinkle: "I'm just like anyone; I want to be comfy when travelling, but I think there can still be a balance. Today, I am travelling in these beautiful Melissa McCarthy culottes, because they are gorgeous, and oh so comfy." Find out more about Amanda's outfit, here.
  • Summer skincare challenge
    Yuri_Arcurs via Getty Images
    Caroline, Style On The Side: "Well, it's officially June and ... pretty soon it will get hot enough that your makeup will start sliding off your face. So what do you do? You ensure that you have a flawless complexion to show off!" Find out how to take Caroline's summer skincare challenge, here.
  • Blush pink in Ireland
    Allure Of Simplicity
    Aney, Allure Of Simplicity: "The dress isn't the most flattering when worn on its own, but a leather jacket did the trick! To make it even more girly, I slipped into a pair of lace-up flats." Find out more about Aney's OOTD, here.
  • 3 fave athletic brands
    Titika Active Couture
    Sarah, Sarah Ohm: "I'm a stern believer that gym clothes are only meant for the gym, but that doesn't mean you can't look cute while you're sweating your butt off, amirite? I want to share my favourite lines of athletic wear. All of these brands get a PASS from me."
  • What's new with Arbonne
    Jesson + Company Communications Inc.
    Carcia and Telly, HerCastleGirls: "Our great friends at Arbonne invited us to their launch event recently. As you may know from following us, we love Arbonne products. We shared our love for Arbonne Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream, and were introduced to Arbonne Intelligence Nourishing Facial Oil. Along with skin care products, we were introduced to Arbonne's latest eye makeup." Check out some of the images from the event, here, to find out what's new with Arbonne.
  • Romper season
    Smitten Sophie
    Sophie, Smitten Sophie: "We all know that when the temperature starts to warm up, it's romper season. They are fun, cool and allow a lot of ventilation. I have been scouring the web trying to find the perfect romper that's both modern, minimal and yes, neutral in colour. I found this cute one last week and it was love at first sight." Find out more about Sophie's look, here.
  • ColourPop haul
    Kaitlyn Elisabeth Beauty
    Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn Elisabeth Beauty: When I heard of the 20 per cent off sale on ColourPop, I knew that I had to place an order. The last order I made was when the Ultra Matte lips released ... and with the launch of the Ultra Satin lips, I had to see how they compared to my beloved mattes. My order finally arrived a couple of weeks ago and I've been trying everything out since." Check out Kaitlyn's ColourPop swatches and reviews, here.
  • Easy DIY summer shorts
    Wendy, With Wendy: "We're skipping zippers, elastics and buttons to get you straight to a cute pair of DIY neoprene shorts. This is a good start for beginners into shorts." Watch Wendy's tutorial above.

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