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YouTuber Marina Joyce Sparks Concern As Many Believe She Is Being Held Hostage

British YouTube fashion and beauty vlogger Marina Joyce is reported to be "safe and well" after her fans worried that she may have been taken hostage after a cryptic video was posted to her channel.

On July 22, Joyce tweeted out a link to her latest video "DATE OUTFIT IDEAS" in which she is seen advertising frilly pastel pink dresses from StyleWe.

But many fans became heavily concerned after claiming the 19 year-old, who has over 267,000 followers on Twitter and 700,000 subscribers on YouTube, could be heard whispering "help me" at the 13 second mark of the video that saw her acting panicky and anxious.

On Twitter, the trending hashtag #savemarinajoyce surfaced and many started to believe the young woman was being held hostage.

Fans even pointed out in another question and answer video that Marina can be seen constantly glancing at something off camera as she acts awkward and uncomfortable:

On Wednesday, Marina, wearing a big knit hat and silver eyeshadow, addressed the #savemarinajoyce hashtage in a glitchy YouNow livestream. Talking to the tens of thousands of followers watching, the fashion and beauty vlogger stated that she didn't need help, she was "TOTALLY fine" and thanked everyone for their concern."

"Are you sure you're okay?" asked many viewers in the comments. "I don't feel she's fine."

"You look terrified," wrote others.

Many even requested Marina do a "full room tour" to prove no one else was in her bedroom with her.

Fans also pointed out the bruises seen on the bubbly YouTubers arms in her latest video, but she quickly shut things down when they asked how she obtained them.

marina joyce bruises

marina joyce bruises

"I don't have bruising anymore, but something happened to me that's a really sad story and I can't really explain the bruises because the story is a sad one."

"They're all gone now, I'm bruised free," she reassured fans later.

At the end of the stream, concern grew further when Marina invited fans to join her for a 6:30 a.m. party on Wednesday at London's Bethnal Green. She tweeted out a link to the "Summer of Love Party," yet the date on the official event stated Aug. 3, prompting many to believe the event was an elaborate kidnap plot.

Fellow YouTubers told fans to not attend the event, fearing for their safety.

And if things couldn't get any more bizarre, things escalated quickly on Twitter when rumours began that the vlogger was being held hostage by ISIS.

Alas, after fans expressed major concern, the Enfield police stepped in and made clear on a non-verified Twitter account that Marina was both "safe and well." Marina addressed the incident with Police in her live stream.

"I'm not being held captive... You're worrying my friends, literally my friends are so panicked about me," she said. "Stop assuming stuff, I'm okay guys."

So there you have it. Marina is trying to assure fans everything is just fine amidst pandemonium on Twitter. But is there still cause for concern of abuse and fear? Some scary stuff that we don't have all the answers to.


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