PK Subban Hospital: NHL Player Proves He's Dedicated To Montreal Kids In Sweetest Way

08/03/2016 02:41 EDT | Updated 08/03/2016 02:59 EDT

In September 2015, NHL player P.K. Subban walked into the "Atrium P.K. Subban" at the Montreal Children's Hospital. It was public recognition of his $10 million donation to the hospital.

"For me, it's taking the step forward, it's taking the initiative to lead by example. It's not about the money; it's about leading by example and bringing a community together," Subban said at the time. "In Montreal, this is my city just as much as it's yours. It's my job as well to make a commitment to this city that everyone can understand. If because I play for the Montreal Canadiens and people know me because of that and I can use that to raise money for the hospital, that's my responsibility. I feel that."

And if anyone thought his commitment ended when Subban was traded to the Nashville Predators, he or she would be very, very wrong.

This week, Subban helped raise $130,000 for the hospital through Montreal's Just for Laughs festival.

And on Wednesday, the generous 27-year-old posted the following video to Facebook, proving his dedication to the hospital is ongoing. (Before you watch it, we suggest you grab a few tissues.)

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