Breastfeeding Problems: These Moms Are Keeping It Real

08/08/2016 10:01 EDT | Updated 08/08/2016 11:59 EDT

Motherhood is filled with all kinds of milestones, but one of the most beautiful of all is breastfeeding. However, just because nursing your baby is considered a magical bonding moment, doesn’t mean it’s always easy!

Just take a look at these #breastfeedingproblems from Instagram below. These moms are keeping it real.

It can be painful.

Let's hope this cabbage helps my achey boobs! 😭😂😳 #breàstfeedingproblems

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You’re always on call.

He learned this thing he does when he wants milk 😂😂 its soooooo cute.... 😝☀️#sparrowhawk #breàstfeedingproblems

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Leaks happen.

As does squirting. (Oops.)

#breastmilk spray. It happens! from @mother_deer - 💦💦💦 #breastfeedingproblems #breastfeeding

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Reaching anything is a struggle.

You become a milk machine.

Your wardrobe takes forever to choose.

You’re always hungry…

And so is your baby.

Multi-tasking becomes a challenge.

There’s awkward grabbing.

Sure, scratch my face off, I don't need it 😂😏 #boobbaby #breàstfeedingproblems

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Teeth become your worst nightmare.

Teeth!!! 😁💙 He's getting so big! Luckily it's not the top, yet! Lol #breàstfeedingproblems #teething

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Ouch. #breastfeedingproblems

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Two words: uneven boobs.

🦁🐍🐙🐵 Can you tell what side he ate from last? 😕😂 #breàstfeedingproblems

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