Carrie Fisher Tributes: Kids Saying Goodbye Will Make You Tear Up

12/28/2016 01:41 EST | Updated 12/28/2016 01:41 EST

Carrie Fisher was more than just an actress. Not only did she teach girls that they could be heroes, but she was a huge advocate for mental health.

Following news of her death on Tuesday, there has been an outpouring of tributes to Fisher posted on social media, but it’s the ones of kids saying goodbye that have touched us the most.

Here we’ve rounded up the most heartwarming tributes to Princess Leia from Instagram. Prepare to cry (if you aren’t already).

Still a role model after all these years. #ripprincessleia #ripcarrie #starwars #carriefisher

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#carriefisher #starwars #carriefisherforever #loveleia #leia

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Nollie's a goof and this is the best picture I could get of her new #Starwars sweater. #carriefisher #RIP

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Our family's tribute to #CarrieFisher & #StarWars! #RIPPrincessLeia

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Forever a princess. Always in our hearts. #princess #carriefisher #princessleia @_emma.kat_

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💕 #ripprincessleia

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#princessleia #drprincessleia #ripcarriefisher👰

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