Toronto Raccoon Hangs Out At Pearson International Airport

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Toronto would be nothing without its raccoons.

There was the one who rode the subway at rush hour, the adventurous one that climbed a 200-metre tall construction crane, the one whose death prompted an outpouring of grief, and now — there's the one who greeted passengers at the airport.

Cameron Graham posted a video of the critter hanging from the ceiling. He told the Toronto Star that he spotted it while waiting for his wife to arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

"You expected him to come down wearing a little uniform and ask to help with the baggage," Graham told CBC Toronto.

Another video, posted to Twitter by user @luulayy, shows people gathering around to take photos and videos of the little guy.

Torontonians were quick to chime in.

The situation was "very benign," Graham told Global News. She or he was just "calmly watching what was going on."

Wildlife staff were on the scene trying to trap the animal on Saturday morning, Pearson spokeswoman Natalie Moncur told the Star.

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