Obama-Trudeau Dinner At Montreal's Liverpool House, As Told By Social Media

06/07/2017 08:06 EDT | Updated 06/07/2017 12:17 EDT

Montreal was abuzz Tuesday evening, not only over former U.S. president Barack Obama'sspeech to the Montreal Board of Trade, but also his dinner date afterward.


After the well-attended event at the Palais des congrès, Obama headed to the Liverpool House restaurant to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

David McMillan, the Rue Notre-Dame ouest restaurant's head chef, was obviously very proud to welcome these two particular clients. They dined on Quebec lobster, oysters, steak, and asparagus, among many items.

Here is, in videos and photos, a summary of the evening as seen by social media:

The neighbourhood took notice

It allowed Trudeau to share a photo worthy of House of Cards:

It made for an unforgettable memory for the chef

There was a lot of curiosity...

And there was even applause at the end of the meal!

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