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How This Calgary Woman Took Control Of Her Health After Having Kids

Her story is so common.

Name: Tracy Rombough

Occupation: Cancer Registrar, Tom Baker Cancer Centre

Age: 46

City: Calgary

The story:

I started gaining weight around age 13 and I went up to a size 18 during Grade 12.

I didn't exercise and had an unhealthy diet. I tried a few weight loss diets, such as the cabbage soup diet, a low calorie diet and Weight Watchers three times. As I had my kids, I gained and retained some post-pregnancy weight.

The final straw:

I felt I needed to find myself again, do something for myself and take control of my own health.

Tracy Rombough
Tracy Rombough before she started her healthy regimen.

The plan of attack:

I took some Zumba classes, did some yoga and then hired a personal trainer. It took three years to get to where I am today. In the first year I lost 30 pounds, but I had a setback in the second year with a torn Achilles tendon. After it healed, I was still able to continue losing weight with my new regimen.

What was the hardest adjustment?

It was hard to live on less food. I also found the time commitment to the gym difficult at first, but now I enjoy going and even look forward to my workouts.

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The food element:

I started eating a lot of vegetables, smaller portions of meats and I cut out eating out. I focused on the amount of calories I was ingesting and portion control. In my third year on this new regimen I started an eating plan.

I hired a certified nutritionist, Curtis Gillespie Sayers. He set out meal plans, reviewed weekly progress pictures and scheduled weekly cheat meals.

Tracy Rombough
Tracy now!

The exercise factor:

Right now I work out at GoodLife and see a trainer twice a week. Before I started this new journey, I did the odd group class, walking and yoga. Currently I train four times a week, do cardio, and enjoy hot yoga.

How I stay motivated:

I feel good about my body and how my clothes fit and look. I enjoy getting compliments and the best part is being a good role model for my daughters and friends.

The day-to-day:

I have a full-time job, I go to the gym for an hour, and then I meal prep at night.

Tracy Rombough

What I'm most proud of:

My dedication, commitment and consistency.

Final thoughts:

My advice for people struggling with their weight is to make small changes, don't try to do it all at once. When I first started at the gym, I couldn't imagine following an eating plan as well, it was too overwhelming.

Pick an activity that you enjoy doing and go with a friend. Make small, attainable goals and celebrate when you reach it!

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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