Life Has Never Been Better Since I Gave Up Sex And Dating

I needed to change the way I felt about myself before I attracted another partner into my life.

10/12/2017 15:17 EDT | Updated 10/13/2017 16:30 EDT

I am approximately 16 months into a no-sex, no-dating transformation challenge, and life has never been better. I always thought I would find happiness when I met the right woman and I now realize happiness can be found when we come home to ourselves.

After years of co-dependent relationships one after another, and after coming out of an extremely harsh and painful break up, I decided I needed to figure out how to live and be happy by myself. I desperately wanted to feel safe and I had finally learned that I needed to create this for myself, within myself.

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I declared not to give any more energy to finding a partner for a minimum period of one year. I declared not to use any dating sites, not to have sex or date, and not to speak or chat with women online.

My history of dating was stark proof that I kept attracting the same type of relationship that was unhealthy and not serving my greater good. It became apparent I needed to break the circle and change the way I felt about myself before I attracted another partner into my life.

I had to do things differently than I had been all of my dating life.

I could no longer tap into someone else's energy for my happiness. I no longer wanted to lose myself in a relationship with a woman. I no longer wanted to avoid learning how to truly love myself, which takes hard work and commitment, and I craved safety within myself.

Everything we seek we have within ourselves, and can access this whenever we want.

I came home to myself during the past 16 months.

I forgave myself and others and made peace with the past. I released all anger, shame and guilt that was bottled up inside of me and weighing me down. I learned skills that enabled me to thrive. I allowed my true gifts to shine from me and I learned how to be happy by myself.

Everything we seek we have within ourselves, and can access this whenever we want.

To give you even more motivation to try your own no-sex, no-dating transformational challenge, here are other benefits I have experienced.

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Increased energy

I never realized how much energy goes into the dating process.

In the past I would have diluted my available daily energy by spending energy on dating sites, chatting with women online, going on dates and worrying about how I looked.

Now all this energy was directed at myself. I had more energy for life and more energy to fix what I needed to within my mind and heart to heal.

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Laser-like focus

Eleven months ago I started my clinical hypnotherapy practice and have had significant success. I attribute a lot of this to focus.

I have been LASER focused on my hypnotherapy practice, my client's needs and on keeping my vibration high.

The strategy worked.

Go within yourself, as all the answers are there.

Fewer obstacles

Being single and introverted means you spend A LOT of time alone. This extended amount of time as a solo rider provided me with the silence and quiet needed to go within myself and discover what was holding me back in life.

I was able to identify faulty beliefs that had been contaminating my life for many years. Through focused effort on actively programming my mind and from clinical hypnotherapy sessions, I was able to change the faulty beliefs that were sabotaging my life.

Go within yourself, as all the answers are there. But to find them you need to be still, silent and focused.

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There are many more benefits that I have gained from no sex and no dating, and I am grateful to have finally changed how I was living so that I could GROW.

I will have a much better chance at succeeding in a relationship again because I have learned how to love and accept myself completely. We attract our mirrors, so I am excited to meet her when the time is right.

As I always say...

Never give up! Change is possible!

Alive to thrive,

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