October 20, 2014
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Tarsands Blinding Alberta to Its True Renewable Potential

Alberta Oilsands Getty

The Alberta government is so fixated on extracting the destructive tar sands that it's missing out on Alberta's real potential. Rather that causing rising greenhouse gas emissions, countless treaty rights violations, incredible disturbances to land, air and water, the government could be a leader in clean energy solutions.

What Falling Oil Prices Mean For Alberta

Alberta Oilsands
Dan Barnes via Getty Images

Baby M Murder Sentencing Delayed After Lawyer Quits

Child Neglect
Zmeel Photography via Getty Images

ASIRT Investigates Unusual ATV Chase

Will Alberta Ever Stop Selling Menthol?

Menthol Cigarettes
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Dog Interrupts Local Weather Forecast With Hilarious Consequences

Mike Sobel Dog Weather
Global News/YouTube

Grizzly Kills Yukon Woman After Invading Home

Getty Images

Residents Pave Entire Front Lawns, Anger Neighbours

Man Dead After 11-Storey Fall From Balcony

Ferran Sanchez/500px

Sliding Oil Prices Will Cost Ottawa Billions, ‘Re-Order' Economy

Oil Rig
David Jones via Getty Images

WATCH: Edmonton Has Never Looked So Beautiful

Edmonton Video
Alex Scuccato/YouTube

Notley Wins Alberta NDP Leadership

Rachel Notley Ndp

A Look At The Promises The Harper Government Made Last Fall

Harper Throne Speech

Pesky Elk Spared

Elk Herd
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WATCH: Prentice Attacks Attack Ads

Prentice Attack Ads

Air Canada Refused To Fly Suspected Ebola Sample

Blood Sample
Rafe Swan via Getty Images

Saskatoon Pair Vies To Keep Their Pet Raccoon


Rising Meat Prices Mean Bad News For Some Albertans: Economist

Meat Display
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Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Owner Wins Climate Leadership Award


Edmonton Pastor Faces Child Porn Charges

Design Pics/Con Tanasiuk via Getty Images

Banff Rattled By Rare Earthquake

Santi Visalli via Getty Images

Health Workers Picket For Contract Talks

Nurse Walking
Image Source via Getty Images

RCMP Officer Faces Assault, Confinement Charges

Rolf Hicker via Getty Images

Who Will Be The Next Leader?

Brian Mason Ndp Alberta Election

Is Prentice Concerned By Sliding Oil Prices?

Alberta Oil

Canadian Ebola Vaccine Ready To Be Tested By World Health Organization

Christine Balderas via Getty Images

Kenney Defends Niqab Ban At Citizenship Ceremonies

Jason Kenney Niqab

Holiday Shopping Is Moving Online

Holiday Shopping Bags

Now Everyone In Calgary Gets Recycling

Zing Images via Getty Images

11 Spooktacular Halloween Haunts Around Alberta

Haunted Houses
Matt Champlin via Getty Images

Viagra May Be Good For More Than Just Sex, Study Says

Bloomberg via Getty Images

10 Places To Put On Your Budget Bucket List In 2015

Valter Jacinto/Moment/Getty Images

11 Obvious 'Friends' Mistakes You Won't Believe You Missed

NBC via Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds, Rachel McAdams Inducted Into Canada's Walk Of Fame

Rachel Mcadams Ryan Reynolds Canadas Walk Of Fame
George Pimentel via Getty Images

It Doesn't Matter How Quickly You Lose Weight, It Will Come Back

Losing Weight Fast Slow
David Freund via Getty Images

LOOK: World's Coolest, Wildest New Buildings

World Architecture Festival

Soldier's Room Has Stayed Untouched For Almost 100 Years As A Beautiful Tribute

Room Soldier
Matthieu Bock/Europe1

17 Canadian Politicians And Their Uncanny Lookalikes

Justin Trudeau Prince Eric

10 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Pasta

Getty Images

3 Tips For Traveling Where You Don't Know The Language

This Is What A $95-Million View Looks Like

432 Park Avenue
CIM Group

Disney's Classic Animal Characters Would Make Pretty Adorable Humans

Ariel And Flounder

100 Books Every Canadian Needs To Read

Canadian Book
Hero Images via Getty Images

LOOK: Edmonton's Most Wanted

Edmontons Most Wanted

This Mascot Didn't Pan Out At All

Flame Firefighter

Do This And Have A Better Sex Life

Sex Survey

Husband's Note For New Wife Is Harsh, But Hilarious

Note Wife