August 3, 2015
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'Grassroots' Canada Action Carries Deep Ties to Conservative Party, Oil and Gas Industry

Oilsands Getty

A whole host of campaigns designed to advance the agenda of the fossil fuel industry have cropped up: Resource Works, British Columbians for Prosperity, Energy Citizens, Coal Alliance, Canadian Natural Resources Alliance, Pipeline Action, and many others.

Goodbye, Canadian Wheat Board, Hello G3 Canada

Calgary Pet Store Faces Third Set Of Charges In A Year

'Amazing Race Canada' Host Shares His Golden Travel Tips

AFP via Getty Images

New Top Court Appointee's Blog Reveals Trudeau Diss

Université de l'Alberta

Accused In Calgary Family's Deaths Won't See Trial For A Long Time


Wages Are Falling In Canada

Roy Hsu via Getty Images

There's A Fake Cop Out There Writing Fake Tickets

Rolf Hicker via Getty Images

LOOK: Calgary Celebrates All-White-Clothed Dinner Party

Diner en Blanc Calgary

Calgary Zoo's Ties To Big Game Hunters Questioned

'Mad' Kelowna Mountie's Questionable Traffic Stop Caught On Video


Alberta Govt. Wants Your Help With Its First Budget


Man Seriously Injured After 250 Metre Fall Near Lake Louise

Alberta Teachers Sharing Their Own Food With Hungry Students: Survey

Getty Images

Albertans Chose Some Pretty Weird Baby Names Last Year

Nenshi Is NOT Happy With Alberta NDP

Rick Madonik via Getty Images

Mother and Children Sent To Hospital After Hit-And-Run


Oilsands Giants Cut Jobs, Slash Spending Again

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Alberta Has No Plans To Lobby U.S. On Keystone

Carolyn Kaster/AP

Man Charged In Hit-And-Run Death

Cecil The Lion Hunter Has An Alberta Connection


Harper Take Swipe At Obama Over Keystone XL Delays


Majority Of Albertans Struggling With Some Kind Of Weight Problem: Study

TransAlta To Plan Review After Ruling Of Price Manipulation


Adorable Baby Penguin Is Great News For Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo

Obama About To Reject Keystone, U.S. Senator Says


More Human Remains Found On Rural Alberta Property

RCMP Handout

Data Doesn't Show A Canadian Recession, Economists Say


Senior Military Officer Faces Numerous Sex Charges Involving Cadets

MCpl Dany Veillette/Rideau Hall


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Lower Fuel Costs Help WestJet To Highest-Ever Earnings

Men Guilty Of Running Massive Ponzi Scheme Sentenced


Whoops! Travel Alberta Forgot About An Important Part Of Canada

Reddit Screengrab

Hunt On For Driver In Fatal Hit-And-Run

'Belligerent' WestJet Passenger Gets A Bit Too Boozed On Flight

TransAlta Timed Power Outages To Drive Up Costs: Ruling


Alberta Government Warns Against Uber


Alberta Appeal Court Judge Named To Supreme Court


Paralyzed Foreign Worker Granted Permission To Stay In Canada

Man Charged After Calgary Cabbie Allegedly Slapped

$200 Billion In Oil Projects Cancelled, Nearly A Third In Canada

David Jones via Getty Images

Alberta Golf Course Wants You To Putt With Your Pooch

Infant Girl Injured In Highway Crash Dies

500 px

Tim Hortons May Ditch TimsTV After Enbridge Controversy

Mathieu Simard/

Feds Taking 8 First Nations To Court


Missing 2-Year-Old Girl Drowns In Alberta Subdivision

The Lakes In Morinville

Photographer Captures The Best Of Off-The-Beaten-Path Alberta

Jamieson Caskenette

LOOK: The Most Expensive Homes For Sale In Every Province

James Dow