June 30, 2015
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Medicine Hat Proves Idealism and Realism Can Walk Hand in Hand

This year, Medicine Hat became the first city in Canada to effectively end homelessness. Almost 900 people in this small town of 61,000 have been placed in rent-free apartments or houses. And the benefits are clear: police calls and hospital emergency room visits are down. "You're going to end homelessness? Yeah ok, good one," he recalls thinking. But the society argued that the $20,000 per year cost of housing someone was as much as four times less than the expense of policing and health care when that person lived on the streets.

LOOK: Northern Alberta Is SO Smoky Right Now

Alberta Wildfire Info/Facebook

Girl In Hospital After Rattlesnake Bite In Alberta Park

Alberta Minimum Wage Goes Up, To Hit $15 Per Hour By 2018

Police Investigate After Baby Left In Hot Car


WestJet Flight Lands In Saskatoon After Threat


Oilers Make Their 4th Number 1 Overall Pick In 6 Years

Alan Diaz/AP

Edmonton Man Charged After Girl Sexually Assaulted In Pet Store

Edmonton Police Service

David Crosby Says Joni Mitchell Is Still Unable To Speak

Steve Granitz via Getty Images

Who Notley Has Picked To Handle Alberta's Sensitive Files

Thief Returns Deceased Boy's Bike, Apologizes To Family

Family Handout

Meet The Man Who Will Lead Alberta's Royalty Review


Kids Rescued From Hot Car At Calgary Mall

How Alberta's Holding Up 1 Year After The Oil Crash Began

Alberta Legislature Wraps Up Spring Session


'It's Going To Be A Dream Come True'

Bruce Bennett via Getty Images

This Is How Much City Employees Make In Calgary

Two Big Carbon Emitters Give Thumbs Up To Alberta's New Rules

ERIC PIERMONT via Getty Images

► Drone Shows Spectacular Change In River After Alberta Floods

University of Calgary

Even He Can't Stop Connor McDavid From Being 'Taken' By The Oilers


Look How The Tables Have Turned Now That Oil Has Collapsed


Alberta Overhauls Emissions, Greenhouse Gas Rules

James Jordan Photography

Alberta Tweaks Greenhouse Gas Rules

MARK RALSTON via Getty Images

Her Killers Could Still Face 1st-degree Murder Conviction


Hot Enough For You? It's Only Going To Get Hotter..

Shutterstock / ChameleonsEye

Shaw Profit Drops 8%, Company Abandons IPTV Plans


Alberta Environment Minister In Hot Water Over Activist How-To Book


Saskatchewan Scraps Tampon Tax

Shutterstock / gpointstudio

Cop Catches Child Using Cardboard Box As Car Seat

Supplied: Alberta RCMP
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Edmonton Man Sentenced For Taking $5,000 From Foreign Bride

Shutterstock / titov dmitriy

Alberta Politicians Are Basically Rock Stars Now. Here's Proof.

Twitter/Chima Nkemdirim

Yikes! Goldfish The Size Of Dinner Plates Turn Up In Alberta


Search Continues For 2nd Victim Of Alberta Plane Crash

Richard McCarthy/PA Archive

Why This Women's FIFA World Cup Could Be Canada's Best

Rich Lam via Getty Images

Hancock Lands A New Gig


2 Men Die After Fall From Scenic Cliff


Notley, Nenshi Meet To Discuss Flood Measures


Layoffs Hit TransCanada


Alberta Downplays Climate Change Announcement.. But Why?

Shutterstock / Calin Tatu

Death Threats For Campaigners Against Tim Hortons' Enbridge Ad

Spencer Platt via Getty Images

LOOK: Luxury Home Up For Auction.. With NO Reserve


16 Dazzling Images Of The Northern Lights Over Canada Last Night

Alija Bos Photography

Highway Of Death Claims Another Life

MARK RALSTON via Getty Images

It's Official: Alberta Bans Corporate, Union Political Donations


Man Dies, 3 Injured In ATV Accident

Shutterstock / Robynrg

Man Convicted In Bombing Murder Denied Bail


Notley Apologizes For Alberta's Residential School Legacy