September 17, 2014
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10,000 Reasons To Smile For Alberta Dad

Excel Homes Excel Homes/YouTube

As Barrett Budgell pulled up to his new home in Cochrane, Alberta, he immediately knew something was up when he saw a massive red bow wrapped around his garage. The single father of four-year-old twin boys, Lucas and Logan, moved into Cochrane to make the commute back and forth to Fort McMurrary for work easier on his family.

Missing Montreal Man's Remains Found In Mountains

Rcmp Car
Rolf Hicker via Getty Images

Rare Respiratory Virus Cases Spike in Alberta Kids

Cyrus McCrimmon via Getty Images

Mom Reunites With Son She Thought Was Dead

Andrew Allan

Not Everyone Happy With Prentice's New Cabinet

Jim Prentice

Serious Wasp Encounters A Growing Problem In Edmonton

Wasp Garbage
kostas koutsoukos via Getty Images

Buyout Sets Stage For Canada Getting 4th National Wireless Carrier

Cavan Images via Getty Images

Five Things Most People Get Wrong About Canada's Health Care System

Daniele Carotenuto Photography via Getty Images

Foriegn Worker Applications Plummet

Jason Kenney

Pack Of Dogs Attack Woman In Alley

Dog Teeth
Diana Makotra via Getty Images

Calgary's 3,000 Parks Closed

Buy, Hey, Free Firewood!

Student Suspended For Selling Pop From Locker


Prentice Cuts Cabinet, Introduces Outsiders

Jim Prentice

Tories Looking For Fresh Start

Work To Resume At Oilsands Leak Site

Cnrl Spill Photos
CNRL/Emma Pullman

WestJet Adds $25 Checked Baggage Fee For First Bag

Westjet Cancellations

Harper And Tories May Cut Taxes Sooner Than Expected

Harper Tax Cuts

Chief Collected Millions, While Community Had No Running Water

Bernard Ominayak

Trailer Carrying 30 Rescue Dogs Flips

Rescue Dogs

Building Up Edmonton's 'Billion-Dollar Brand'

Edmonton Skyline
Brendan Molloy / EyeEm via Getty Images

Edmonton Is A Jobs Powerhouse

Edmonton Jobs
Design Pics via Getty Images

SURPRISE! Canada's Home Prices Rise Again

Canada Housing Starts May

What Will Downtown Edmonton Look Like At The End Of The Decade?


Activists Block Pipeline Business In Honour Of Cut Trees

Kinder Morgan

Look Who's Paying Canada's Highest Tuitions

Bear That Killed Hunter Will Not Be Destroyed

Grizzly Bear

'Dummy' Hangs Mannequin From Power Line

Dummy Power Line

RCMP Not Laughing

Bear Sleeping In A Tree Shocks City Councillor

Man Accused With Trying To Smuggle Woman Across Border

Pew! Pew! Laser Cat Comes To Calgary

Laser Cat

► Stunning Ski Series Makes Us Want Winter To Come ASAP

Sherpas Cinema
Sherpas Cinema

Should You Ever Allow Teens To Have Sex In Your Home?

Teenagers Kissing
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Neil Young And Daryl Hannah Dated For Months: Reports

Neil Young Hannah
Bloomberg via Getty Images

9 Stereotypes About Canadians We're Tired Of Hearing

Untrue Canadian Stereotypes
Christian Petersen via Getty Images

Woman's Eats Fiancé's Ice Cream, Wins $50-Million Jackpot

Chocolate Covered Ice Cream
Daniel Cole via Getty Images

11 Common Myths About The Technology You Use Every Day

Microwave On Fire
Jaroslav74 via Getty Images

10 Sneaky Sources Of Sugar

Paris Hilton Paid An Unreal Amount For This Calgary Dog

Paris Hilton Dog
Paris Hilton/Instagram

Fireball Streaks Over Western Canada

Meteor Vancouver Qualicum
Jen Pickard/Ruth Stefanek

7 'Back-To-School' Clearance Deals Every Adult Should Pick Up Now

Storage Bins Sale
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Grandmother Quilts Giant Penises, Becomes Our New Life Inspiration


9 Surefire Signs You Need To Retire Immediately


LOOK: Thousands In White Swarm Calgary Park For Picnic

Diner En Blanc Calgary
Kelly Hofer

What Happened When I Did A Social Media Detox

Woman Phone
Tara Moore via Getty Images

Home That Is Basically A Bedroom On Sale For Around $500,000

England Smallest Apartment

21 Photos That Depict True Modern Fatherhood

Instagram Daddydoinwork

Yet Another Stunning Statistic About Alberta's Economy

Edmonton Fireworks
Design Pics / Richard Wear via Getty Images