August 20, 2014
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Is This On Your Back-To-School 'To Do' List?

Be kind to yourself -- don't hold yourself to ridiculous standards. Try not to stress about the little things that no one will remember anyway. Get more rest. Go for walks. Exercise. Recharge. And although it might be unreasonable to ask that you leave your work troubles at your desk, try not to become a slave to your work.

Trudeau Receives RCMP Security Detail

Justin Trudeau
Althia Raj/HuffPost Canada

Alberta Tightens Use Of Government Planes After Redford Scandal

Alison Redford

Calgary Radio Station Gives Up On Cutting Songs In Half

Tetra Images via Getty Images

Government Memo Criticized Top Biologist For Oilsands Comments

Canada Tar Sands

Calgary Ranked One Of World's Best Places To Live

Claude Robidoux via Getty Images

Alberta Tory Candidates Face Off Over Health Care, Party Memberships

Alberta Leadership Race

Mom With Terminal Cancer Will Get Wedding Of Her Dreams

Megan Wolfe Wedding
Kari Shep Photography

Oil Sands Workers Will See Big Raises This Year: Study

Alberta Oil Sands
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Missing Aboriginal Teen Found Dead, Dumped In River

Tina Fontaine

'Society Should Be Horrified'

Suspect Groped Bible College Students In Their Dorm Rooms: RCMP

Prairie Bible Institute Suspect
Prairie Bible Institute

Alberta NDP Leadership Contender Reveals Top Priorities

Half Of Canada's Badly Wounded Vets Not Getting Cheques: Watchdog

Julian Fantino Guy Parent

Castor Man Charged With Killing Parents, Sister In Farmhouse Fire

Emily Riddell via Getty Images

Grits, NDP Prepare To Storm Alberta In 2015

Liberals Ndp Alberta

Banff Seeing 'Unprecedented' Wildlife Incidents

Banff Bear
George Rose via Getty Images

All Is Not Well Among Liberals

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau's Pledge Called A 'Farce'

Cochrane Standoff Ends Peacefully

digicomphoto via Getty Images

Edmonton Overrun With Mosquitoes

Anest via Getty Images

The World's Riskiest Oil Projects Are In Canada

Redford's Travel Scout Gave Toilet Tips, Souvenir Advice

Aggressive Dog Attacks Result In Charges

Dog Teeth
Shutterstock / 1stGallery

McIver Vows To Save Michener Centre If Elected

Michener Centre

Big U.S. Brands Prepare For Battle In Calgary

Marshalls Nordstrom

Man-Made Warming Now Number One Cause Of Melting Glaciers

Edwin Remsberg via Getty Images

Meet The Mayors From Around The World Transforming Their Cities

Nenshi Pei

Family 'Shattered' By Loss Of Missing Loved Ones

Obrien Family

Critics Accuse Alberta Of 'Smokescreen' Emissions Tactics

Oilsands Emissions
Dan Barnes via Getty Images

Notice More Skunks In Calgary? You're Not Alone..


Edmonton-Shot Apple Ad Wins Emmy

Apple Ad

► Well, That's One Way To Water A Moose

Moose Drinking Sprinkler Video

Violinist Plays Instrument During Brain Surgery

Violin Brain Surgery

Nutella Prices May Be On The Rise

World Nutella Day Saved

Watch Every Quentin Tarantino Movie Death In 4 Minutes

Pulp Fiction Scene
Hulton Archive via Getty Images

15 School Supplies That Never Used To Exist

School Supplies
mattjeacock via Getty Images

The Best Canada References On 'The Simpsons'

Ralph Wiggum

This Woman Spends All Her Spare Time Dressing Like A Disney Princess

Disney Lady 2

Granola Bars With The Most Sugar -- #1 Will Shock You

Healthy Granola Bar
Juanmonino via Getty Images

LOOK: Calgary's 11 Most Expensive Condos

Most Expensive Condos

World's Most Pierced Man Denied Entry To Dubai

Rolf Buchholz

Will Smith And DJ Jazzy Jeff Awesomely Reunite In Vegas

Will Smith

Girl Saved By Her Puppy After 11 Days Lost In Siberian Wilderness

Girl Rescued By Puppy

These 10 Companies Control The World's Food

General Mills
Bloomberg via Getty Images

What 200 Calories Actually Looks Like

200 Calorie Foods
Melissa Ross via Getty Images

5 Financial Secrets Of People Who Retire Young

Older Couple In Hammock
Catherine Yeulet via Getty Images

Running 6.4 Km A Day Could Be Dangerous: Study

Too Much Exercise
Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

5 Signs Your Relationship Has Reached Its Expiration Date

Couple Breakup
Radius Images via Getty Images