December 21, 2014
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Danielle Smith Is Stubbornly Ideological But Just Not That Loyal

Danielle Smith Facebook

Not so long ago, Smith vilified the Progressive Party, branding it as tired, washed up, and spiralling out of control. Alberta faced certain disaster if Progressive Conservatives continued their uninterrupted reign. Smith was fervent. Committed. She would burn down the village to save it.

Murder Suspect Re-Arrested

Travis Vader Charged

Nathan Cirillo, Patrice Vincent Named Newsmakers Of The Year

Patrice Vincent Nathan Cirillo

Amber Alert Cancelled

Amber Alert

Obama Take A Swing At 'Tar Sands' And Keystone Pipeline


Alberta Will Be $11 Billion Poorer: Prentice

Jim Prentice
Michael Bell/The Canadian Press

Alberta Extends Climate Change Rules

Carbon Emissions
Radius Images via Getty Images

Money Being Raised For Wildrose Staff Who Lost Jobs

Danielle Smith

LOOK: What People Earn In Each Province

Earnings By Province

Shaw Feels Backlash To Price Hike

Shaw Communications

How Preston Manning Convinced Wildrose MLAs To Join Mass Defection

Preston Manning

Angry Albertans Exact Their Revenge

Danielle Smith


Danielle Smith Jim Prentice

The 4,000 Kilometre Commute: Struggling For A Living Wage

Miramichi Plane
HuffPost Canada

Pet Killer To Undergo Psych Assessment

Dead Dog
Calgary Humane Society

How Could Smith Do That To Her Party?

Danielle Smith

As Oil Prices Drop, Companies Shed Jobs

Alberta Oil Jobs
Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Rise And Fall Of The Wildrose

Danielle Smith

Health Canada's Anti-Marijuana Ad Makes Dubious Claims

Health Canada Ad

Alberta's Climate Change Approach A Model For North America: Harper

Jason Dorday via Getty Images

We Just Hit An Awesome Gas Price Milestone

Gas Pumps
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Canadians Still Unhappy With Harper Government's Performance: Poll

Stephen Harper Snow

Uber Offers Edmonton Free Rides

Photos Found In Calgary Park Not Linked To Missing Actress

Contractor Charged After Hidden Camera Found In Bathroom

Electrical Socket Bathroom
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

'Clinging To Power'

Danielle Smith

Video Captures 15-Car Chaos in Lethbridge

15 Car Pileup Lethbridge

Huge Shakeup In Alberta Politics

Danielle Smith

Oilpatch Firms Slash 2015 Budgets

Calgary Skyline
George Rose via Getty Images


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When You Lose Weight, Where Does It Go?

Where Does Weight Go
offstocker via Getty Images

WATCH: Regifting IS Okay, If You Follow These Rules

Christmas Gift Wrapping
Hero Images via Getty Images

Things We Love About Christmas That Have Nothing To Do With Christmas

The Helipad Isn't Even The Most Impressive Part Of B.C. House For Sale

Victoria Willis Point Helipad
Victoria Aerial Photos and Survey

Get Ready To Pay More For Your Cuban Vacation

Havana Cuba
Mark Williamson via Getty Images

LOOK: Provocative New Campaign Aims To Curb Sexual Violence

Make Your Move

Santa Gives Child An AR-15 Rifle In Latest Ad From Canada's Gun Lobby

Kid Gun Ad Nfa

17 Stunning Canadian Photos That Make Beautiful Gifts

These 99 Photos Define Canada In The 21st Century So Far

Best Canadian Photos Brighter

Your Vanity Fetal Ultrasound Could Potentially Hurt Your Baby

Keepsake Ultrasounds
AlexRaths via Getty Images

'All About That Bass' Parody Makes A Really Good Point

All About That Bass

Now There's Proof That Men Are Idiots

Johnny Knoxville Jackass

22 Slang Words Of 2014

Slang Words 2014
The Huffington Post Canada

23 It's-So-Cool-These-Exist Gifts To Give This Year

Cool Gifts
MoMA Store

Top 10 Wines to Give as Gifts

Wine Christmas Table
Lisa Thornberg via Getty Images

32 Easy Recipes For Your Big Fat Potluck

Potluck Ideas
The Food Addicts

Wolves Attack Bison Herd In Surreal Video From Canada's North

Wolves Bison Video
Kerry Mercer/Facebook

These Calgary Restaurants Will Make Christmas Dinner For You

Christmas Dinner
Image Source via Getty Images