October 24, 2014
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On Guard, For All of Us

Ottawa Steve Russell via Getty Images

Like so many others across our country, I was - am - so upset about these tragic events. I am upset that a reservist guarding our nation's war memorial was murdered so callously. I am upset that the building where the legislation that shapes our country has been discussed and debated and passed into law was violated in such a visceral way. I am upset that schools in the area had to put their lockdown skills to good use.

Ottawa Gunman's Calgary Connection

Michael Zehaf Bibeau

Calgary Flames Hold Moment Of Silence For Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

Calgary Flames Cirillo
Gerry Thomas via Getty Images

A $30 Million Thanksgiving Surprise

Joan And Wade Lidkea

Alberta Home Buyers Pick This More Than Other Canadians

Home Open Concept
Kimberley Homes

Shrink Who Molested Patients Denied Appeal

Aubrey Levin Sentencing

Why Mandel Expensed $69,000 In Hockey Tickets

Mandel Oilers

One Cartoon Captures A Nation's Pain

Ottawa Shooting Cartoon
Bruce MacKinnon/Chronicle Herald/Twitter

This Is How We Should Remember Nathan Cirillo

Nathan Cirillo Photos

His Mother Speaks

Michael Zehaf Bibeau

Mandel Slammed In Edmonton-Whitemud Debate

Alberta Reacts To Ottawa Shootings, Send Condolences

Mike Carroccetto via Getty Images

Mystery Behind Weird-Looking Dinosaur Solved

Deinocheirus Mirificus

McIver Considered Tackling Ottawa Gunman

Ric Mciver

BREAKING: Soldier Shot At National War Memorial

Parliament Hill

Calgary Police Chief Says Canadians Shouldn't Be Surprised At Terrorist Attacks

Mike Carroccetto via Getty Images

Soldier Killed In Ottawa Shooting Identified

Nathan Cirillo

'Unidriveways' O.K.? Readers Weigh In


Sask. Ups Security For Throne Speech

Woman Charged After 6 Dead Babies Found In Locker

Swarm Of Snakes Invade Family Home

WATCH: Why You Should Not Stop To Gawk At Bears

Bear Trap

Soldier's Death Strengthens Resolve: Defence Minister

Rob Nicholson Cf18

WestJet Flight Makes Emergency Landing

Westjet Profits Q3

Woman Defrauded Government Almost $100,000

Alberta Childrens Hospital
Jeff Whyte via Getty Images

Lied About Kids Having Disabilities

Saving Love Locks On High Level Bridge

Love Locks
Diane Macdonald via Getty Images

Dad Says Kids ‘Singled Out For Being Poor'

Child Empty Pockets
PicturePartners via Getty Images

What Falling Oil Prices Mean For Alberta

Alberta Oilsands
Dan Barnes via Getty Images

Baby M Murder Sentencing Delayed After Lawyer Quits

Child Neglect
Zmeel Photography via Getty Images

The 10 Best New Restaurants You'll Want To Visit In Canada

Best Restaurants In Canada
Dennis Drenner via Getty Images

Fallen Soldier Nathan Cirillo's Dogs Wait For Master To Return

Cirillo Dogs 1

The Scariest Stuff Netflix Canada Has To Offer

Netflix Canada

How Ballet, The Navy And Beauty Pageants Made Kiesza A Pop Star

Kiesza Adam Gasson
Adam Gasson via Getty Images

13 Scary Movies You've Likely Never Seen Before

Three Extremes
Applause Pictures

Tina Fey's Hilarious Modeling Advice

Tina Fey
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

11 Spooktacular Halloween Haunts Around Alberta

Haunted Houses
Matt Champlin via Getty Images

This Could Be Canada's Most Expensive Ski Chalet

Treetop Estate Whistler

Dog Interrupts Local Weather Forecast With Hilarious Consequences

Mike Sobel Dog Weather
Global News/YouTube

Where Do The World's Richest Live?

New York
Getty Images

WATCH: We Need To End The Stigma Around Mental Illness

Mental Health Video
Roger Maunder/YouTube

WATCH: Edmonton Has Never Looked So Beautiful

Edmonton Video
Alex Scuccato/YouTube

Viagra May Be Good For More Than Just Sex, Study Says

Bloomberg via Getty Images

10 Places To Put On Your Budget Bucket List In 2015

Valter Jacinto/Moment/Getty Images

11 Obvious 'Friends' Mistakes You Won't Believe You Missed

NBC via Getty Images

It Doesn't Matter How Quickly You Lose Weight, It Will Come Back

Losing Weight Fast Slow
David Freund via Getty Images

LOOK: World's Coolest, Wildest New Buildings

World Architecture Festival

Soldier's Room Has Stayed Untouched For Almost 100 Years As A Beautiful Tribute

Room Soldier
Matthieu Bock/Europe1