January 19, 2017
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There's Still Time For Jane Fonda To Change Her Views On Alberta Oil

Jane Fonda THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson

One thing stands out when reading about Jane Fonda, who visited the Fort McMurray region this week. She seems, sometimes at least, to learn from her mistakes. Let's face it; in the world of superficial Hollywood activism populated by the likes of Leo DiCaprio and Daryl Hannah, self-awareness seems to shut down as soon as the director yells "cut."

Report Finds Hope For Greener, More Profitable Oilsands

MCT via Getty Images

Alberta Puppy Rescued After 12 Hours In A Ditch


Angry Edmonton Hockey Fans Boo Trudeau Because Alberta

Van Tine Dennis/ABACA USA

Calgary Mom Describes ‘Pools Of Blood' At Triple Murder Scene (GRAPHIC)


More Canadian Students Turning To 'Sugar Daddies' For Tuition

KAREN BLEIER via Getty Images

Trudeau's Oilsands Remarks Not So Different From Harper: PMO

Adrian Wyld/CP

Kenney's Unite The Right Plan Shamed By Fellow Alberta Tories


Cheque Mailed To 'Vagina, SK' Miraculously Delivered To Regina

Leah Taylor

Notley Claps Back At PM's Claim That Oilsands Will Be Phased Out


Walmart May Have Sold Food Contaminated By The Fort McMurray Fire


Walmart Allegedly Sold Food Contaminated By The Fort McMurray Fire


Saskatoon Mayor Gets Shoutout On Zach Galifianakis' T-Shirt


The Worst Of Winter Has Yet To Come To These Canadian Cities

Casarsa via Getty Images

This Is Why You Need To Stop Warming Up Your Car While Unattended

Calgary Police Service

Alberta Pastor Sentenced For Grabbing Woman's Breast

Tetra Images via Getty Images

That A**hole Who Cuts In Is Actually Merging The Right Way


Women Can Now Go Shirtless At Edmonton Gyms

msderrick via Getty Images

Jane Fonda Slams Trudeau For Betraying Climate Promises


Liberals' Key Carbon Policy Confusing Canadians: Focus Groups

Jacques Boissinot/CP

MP Doesn't Appreciate Calgary Mayor's Sexist 'Mansplaining'


Rescuers Spent Hours Saving Horse From Icy Alberta Creek

Cody Scott/Facebook

Alberta Teen Breaks Neck In Trampoline Park Accident

Jordan Smith

Scammer Posing As Alberta First Nations Leader To Steal Money

Tanya Talaga via Getty Images

Jane Fonda Tells Canada To Listen To Indigenous Voices On Oilsands

The Canadian Press

How This Woman Lost One Pound A Week, And Kept It Off

Sonika Anand

Edmonton's Notorious 'Dexter Killer' Buys Online Dating Profile

Canadian Inmates Connect Ltd.

La Loche School Feels Abandoned A Year After Shooting: Principal

Jason Franson/Canadian Press

Teen's Awesome Idea Aims To Uplift Others With Chronic Illness

Be Brave Box/Facebook


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Awesome Canadian Spots The New York Times Hasn't Heard Of (Yet)

Potato World/Facebook

Cat And Dog Found Abandoned In Freezing Calgary Storage Unit

Dian_S_Cahya via Getty Images

Gov't Would Do More On Opioid Crisis If It Hit Ontario: B.C. MP

Adrian Wyld/CP

Trump Campaign Manager Cancels Trip To Alberta

Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Alberta Advantage Massacred By NDP: Study

Codie McLachlan/Canadian Press

Alberta Man Charged In Assault On 10-Week-Old Infant

kali9 via Getty Images

Alberta Newspaper Says It Fat Shamed Health Minister By 'Mistake'


Slain Canadian's Family Didn't Know He Was Fighting ISIS In Syria

Bring Nazzareno Tassone Home/Facebook

Wall Sorry For Sharing Tweet Calling Trudeau A 'Sh*thead'


City Of Calgary Seizes Dogs After Attack On 4-Year-Old

Getty Images

Alberta City Wins Right To Ban Graphic Anti-Abortion Bus Ads

City Of Grande Prairie

Jason Kenney Congratulated Michael Ignatieff And Everyone's Confused

Getty Images/CPC

Conservationists Worried About Free Entry To Canada's Parks In 2017

Jordan Siemens via Getty Images

Drunk Pilot Arrested In Calgary After Passing Out In Cockpit

Larry MacDougal/Canadian Press

Good Samaritan Killed After Stopping To Help On Alberta Highway


Edmonton ATM Thief Makes Terrible Choice For Getaway Vehicle

rpernell via Getty Images

Couple Charged After Cheetah Spotted Wandering B.C. Highway


Notley Scoffs Marie Antoinette Comparison As 'Hyperbole'

The Canadian Press
Today's Alberta Videos