July 27, 2016
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Do Your Financial Homework On Back-To-School Extracurricular Activities

Kids Activities Peter Cade via Getty Images

It's peak Alberta summer right now; everything is green, the days are long and the sun is finally shining. Which feels like the worst time to utter those three dreaded words: back-to-school. But it really is true; the early bird gets the worm. This is an especially apt metaphor for all of the extracurricular activities that start up when September rolls around.

Alberta Carbon Prices Will Be The Highest In Canada By 2020: Study

Jason Franson/CP

Oldest Komodo Dragon In Captivity Dies At Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo

Edmonton Police Union Members Say Workplace Is 'Toxic'


Missing Alberta Teens Both Found Dead

Alberta RCMP

Missing Calgary Boy's Body Found In Yoho National Park

Getty Images

New Bus Passes Let Low-Income Calgarians Ride For Just $5 A Month

Bloomberg via Getty Images

U Of C Professor Uses Satellite Data To Predict Forest Fires


WestJet's London Flights Help Trigger A Nosedive In Its Profits

Roberto Machado Noa/Getty Images

This Year's Berry Crop Is Drawing Bears To Alberta Parks

Getty Images

The Best And Worst Provinces For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

timoph via Getty Images

'No Means No:' Alberta Judge Slams Ruling On Sexual Assault Case

Design Pics / Michael Interisano via Getty Images

Husky Knew About Oil Spill 14 Hours Before Notifying Sask. Gov't

Jason Franson/CP

Nenshi Apologizes For Rant Against Uber


Clinton Triumph Doesn't Mean Playing Field Is Even, Female Premiers Say

Jonathan Hayward/CP

Turkish Ambassador Questioned By Feds Over Canadian's Arrest


Alberta NDP To Take Legal Action Over Costly Coal Power Regulation

Robert McGouey via Getty Images

Calgary Man Detained In Turkey Was Allegedly Visiting Sick Father

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Edmonton Artist Hopes To Document City's Indigenous History

Brad Crowfoot/Facebook

Special Blankets Help Prevent Brain Injuries In Calgary Babies

Bill Graveland/CP

Calgary Councillor Pushes For Gender-Neutral Washrooms

MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Drinking Water Could Be Unsafe For Months After Sask. Oil Spill

Jason Franson/CP

Calgary Boy Who Fell Into B.C. River Is Now Missing Persons Case

Calgary Boy Missing After Falling Into B.C. River

Getty Images

Canadian Teens Playing Pokemon Go Detained For Wandering Into U.S.

Sam Mircovich / Reuters

Canadian Traveller Detained In Turkey For Allegedly Plotting Coup

Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Calgary Couple Charged With Manslaughter In Grandson's Death

Calgary Police Service/CP

What To Do If You Run Into A Bear This Summer

mlharing via Getty Images

ConocoPhillips Plans To Lay Off Up To 300 Staff, Mostly in Calgary

Mark Thiessen/AP


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World's First In-Vitro Bison Calves Born In Saskatchewan

Caitlyn Taylor/University of Saskatchean

Booms Fail To Contain Major Oil Spill In Saskatchewan River


Fort McMurray Lotto Winner Plans To Give Back To Charities


Worker Dies At Saskatchewan's New Children's Hospital

Richard Williams Photography via Getty Images

Activist Wants Calgary Pride To 'Bar' Police From Parade

Calgary Pride/Twitter

Family Of Slain Mother And Daughter Thank Calgarians For Support

Jeff McIntosh/CP

Enmax Warns Calgarians Of Fake Employees Trying To Enter Homes

sarahdoow via Getty Images

Recovery Could Lead To House-Building Boom In Fort McMurray

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Alberta Sees Spike In EI Applicants After Fort McMurray Fire

COLE BURSTON via Getty Images

Messy Campers Are Hurting Alberta's Wolves

Colleen Gara via Getty Images

The Calgary Stampede Wrangled A Tonne Of Leftovers From The Trash

LeftOvers Calgary/Facebook

Judge Upholds Fine For 'F*CK HARPER' Car Sign


Second Alberta Bear Attack Sends Victim To Hospital


Canada's Economic Outlook Downgraded

Canadian Press/Jonathan Hayward

Stop Catching Pokemon At Saskatchewan Jails, You Geniuses

Thomas Porter/CP

Premiers Close To Agreeing On Terms Of Indigenous Women Inquiry


Edmonton Hockey Player Says She Was Assaulted, Threatened With Rape


WestJet CEO Says National Carbon Tax Could 'Kill' His Industry

Mark Blinch / Reuters