September 20, 2014
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How I Stay Hopeful in My Fight Against Inoperable Cancer

Sunshine Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

The world of cancer is omnipresent. There is chemotherapy, PICC lines, steroids, diagnostic scans, blood thinners and the stigma of a grim disease and a journey I do not wish to travel.
But I am also cradled in the love of a truly astonishing group of friends, colleagues, a wonderful husband and family. It is what I hang on to.

92 Animals Seized From Calgary Home

午後の紅茶 /500px

Prentice Halts Michener Centre Closure

Nurse Holding Hand Of Elderly
Vstock LLC via Getty Images

Calgary Soldier Convicted In Fatal Training Accident Wins Appeal

Darryl Watts

Sorry Canada, Winter Is Going To Suck

Toronto Frozen
Getty Images

The Best (And Worst) Cities In Canada To Move For Work

MaksiMages via Getty Images

WATCH: MP's Powerful Speech On Murdered, Missing Aboriginal Women

Romeo Saganash

What Hollywood Hotshots Saw When The Visited The Alberta Oilsands

Leo And Chief Adam
Darren Aronofsky

Alberta Hospitals Gets Average Results Despite Highest Spending

Edmonton Hospital
Darko Ivanovic via Getty Images

Cougar Killed After Lurking Near Calgary Hospital

2 Grizzly Cubs Killed

Grizzly Cubs Killed
Alex Taylor/Parks Canada

'Behind The Scenes' Book On Redford Could Be Coming

Redford Lukaszuk

Van Stolen From School With Little Boy Inside

Police Lights
Hemera Technologies via Getty Images

Boy Pleads Guilty To Sexually Assauling Younger Sisters

Brother Sister Holding Hands
SHOSEI/Aflo via Getty Images

Newborn Seized From Site Of Alleged Drug Deal

Baby Feet
Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy via Getty Images

Mar Tossed Overboard

Gary Mar

Legislature Prorouged Until November

Alberta Legislature
Robert McGouey via Getty Images

Now Air Canada Is Slapping A Baggage Fee On Passengers, Too

Air Canada Executive Pay Freeze Pensions

How This Alberta Man Fought A Photo Radar Ticket And Won

Photo Radar
PHILIPPE HUGUEN via Getty Images

Prentice Overlooks One BIG Promise In Mandate Letter

Preliminary Hearing Set

Douglas Garland

How A Rookie Cop Caught B.C. Serial Killer

Cody Legebokoff

6-Year-Old Accidentally Shot

Police Lights
SergeyIT via Getty Images

Education Minister's Ties To Church A Cause For Concern: NDP

Gordon Dirks

Latimer One Step Closer To Travelling Freely

Robert Latimer Case

Out-Of-Province Patients In Pain Seek Treatment In Alberta

Dental Exam
Keith Brofsky via Getty Images

Couple Returns To Edmonton After 10 Years Of Biking The World

Biking Feet
Dave and Les Jacobs/Lloyd Dobbie via Getty Images

Alberta To Sell Controversial Fleet Of Planes

Jim Prentice

McDonald's Challenges Tim Hortons On Its Own Turf

Mcdonalds Coffee
Getty Images
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Albertans Rule At Setting World Records

Corn Maze
Lacombe Corn Maze

Buying A House Even More Expensive Than You Thought

House For Sale
Fuse via Getty Images

8 Facts You Didn't Know About 'Sesame Street'

Oscar Grouch Orange
Sesame Street

9 Stereotypes About Canadians That Are Definitely True

Canada Hockey Olympics

Politicians Bring The Funny For Vancouver Mayor's 50th

Trudeau Robertson Nenshi

WATCH: Dozens Of B.C. Whales Leave Boaters Gasping

Whale Prince Rupert

LOOK: Batmen Invade Downtown Calgary

Nexen Batman
Nexen Energy/United Way Calgary

So, Tina Fey Thinks Canadian Fans Are Kinda Weird, Eh?

Tina Fey

► High-Paying Jobs That'll Leave You Miserable

High Paying Jobs Stress
Colin Hawkins via Getty Images

It Could Soon Be Impossible To Get U.S. Netflix In Canada


Calgary Dog Has World's Longest Tail

Evangeline Leclair

WATCH: This Bear Would Be Helpful During A Home Reno

Jasper Bear
Jasper National Park

Chavril No More?


Pew! Pew! Laser Cat Comes To Calgary

Laser Cat

► Stunning Ski Series Makes Us Want Winter To Come ASAP

Sherpas Cinema
Sherpas Cinema

The 19 Essential Rules For Workplace Bathroom Etiquette

Bathroom Sign
James W. Porter/Fuse via Getty Images

7 Strange Things That Happen During Sleep

Sleep Disorder
Xerv_II via Getty Images

This Photographer Taught 1,500 Puppies To Swim. These Are The Adorable Results.

Underwater Puppies
Seth Casteel