November 23, 2014
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Dear Parent: About THAT Kid

About That Kid Miguel Sotomayor via Getty Images

Every day, your child comes home with a story about THAT kid. You're worried that THAT child is detracting from your child's learning experience. I want to talk about THAT child, too, but there are so many things I can't tell you.

Traffic Stop Turns Deadly After Man Crashes Into Tree

U of A Student Comes Back To Find $3,500 Of Her Stuff Thrown Out

Gay Youth Alliance Bill A Litmus Test For PCs

Gay Teens
svetikd via Getty Images

Luxury Home Sales Stall In Fort Mac

Fort Mcmurray Luxury Home

Million Dollar Baby Bill Has Happened Before

Swaddled Baby
Image by Michelle Yeager

Alberta Picked Up The Tab

Scam Targeting Grandparents On The Rise

Grandparent Telephone

Worker Killed By Falling Wall

Cinder Block Wall
Sharon Meredith via Getty Images

Kids Seized From Red Deer Cocaine Lab

Castello-Ferbos Castello-Ferbos via Getty Images

How Shovelling Could Kill You

Shovelling Snow
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Canada's Super-Rich Getting Richer Faster Than U.S.'s

Yachts Toronto
rgbspace via Getty Images

Those Soaring Meat Prices Aren't Just Your Imagination

Drought California Cattle
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

People Definitely Love Living In Calgary

Calgary People
Philip and Karen Smith via Getty Images

Calgary Fence-Haters Throw Rocks And Insults At City Workers

Rock In Hand
Betsie Van der Meer via Getty Images

Student Says School Threw Out $3,500 Worth Of Her Stuff

Francisco Calvino via Getty Images

Is Alberta's Flat Tax Coming To An End?

Income Tax
David Sacks via Getty Images

Wildrose VP Quits, Calls Party 'Ethnic Unfriendly'

Oilsands Companies Not To Blame For Duck Deaths

Ducks Oil Spill
AFP via Getty Images

How 'Twister' Could Revolutionize Climate Change Tracking Forever

Twister Movie

Mystery Residue On Surgical Instruments Postpones Surgeries

Surigical Instruments

Mexican Drug Cartels Creeping Into Calgary

Mexican Drug Cartel

Couple Hit With $900,000 Baby Bill Just Shouldn't Pay: Lawyer

Reece Huculak

'I Jam My Whole Left Arm Right Into His Mouth'

Grizzly Bear Yellowstone
Getty File

B.C. Man Recalls Grizzly Bear Attack

Target Canada To Ride Out The Holidays, Then Decide Its Future

Target Canada

Alberta Has Worse Income Inequality Than The U.S.

Rich Alberta
Hero Images via Getty Images

New Junior Hockey Mascot Called Racist

Prince Albert Raiders Mascot
Facebook/Prince Albert Raiders

Parking Boss Charged After $60,000 Goes Missing From Metres

Parking Metre
John Foxx via Getty Images

Otherworldly Photos Of Buffalo Buried In Snow

Buffalo Storm
PzFeed Top News /Jay McKee/Twitter

NDP Calls Into Question Dirks' Credibility

Gordon Dirks

There's Been HOW Many Pipeline Spills in Alberta in The Last 4 Months?

Pipeline Spill
Bart Sadowski via Getty Images


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Kind Stranger Teaches U of A Student Not To Leave His Car Lights On

Derek Murray

20 Awesome Holiday Gifts For Men

Man Opening Gift
RunPhoto via Getty Images

Don't Rake Leaves: Here's The Science

Raking Leaves Mad
KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Getty Images

Shameless New Dad Uses Craigslist To Try To Hook Up With His Wife's Delivery Nurse


10 Of The Hottest Items To Buy This Black Friday

Xbox One Console

Nickelback Trade Stripper Anthems For Revolutionary Politics (Wait, What?)

Chelsea Lauren via Getty Images

Acrobatic Calgary Dog Amazes David Letterman

Lexi David Letterman

Staring At Your Phone All Day Is Killing Your Back, Study Finds

Texting Spine
Kenneth K Hansraj

These Are The Worst Toys Of 2014

Worst Toys 2014

5 Things You Didn't Know About 'Wheel Of Fortune'


WATCH: Proof That Viral B.C. Bear Photo Was Very Real

Bear Camera Bc
Dianne Ethier/YouTube

These High-Tech Ballet Shoes Demonstrate Just How Explosive Dancers' Movements Can Be


These Are The Skills Canadian Employers Are Looking For

Help Wanted Ads

WATCH: Stunning Timelapse Of The Canadian Rockies

Alberta Timelapse
Alan Dyer/Vimeo

Is The World Seriously Running Out Of Chocolate?

Chocolate Shortage
Chris Turner via Getty Images

If You've Already Cut Out Sugary Drinks, This Should Be Your Next Goal

Sugary Drinks
Image Source via Getty Images

Your Kitchen Sponge Is As Revolting As It Smells

Kitchen Sponge

17 Things They'll Never Teach You In Sex Ed

Sex Ed
Oleksiy Maksymenko via Getty Images