October 13, 2015
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Affirming Transgender Persons Is a Catholic Value

Recently, a parochial vicar in Edmonton added to the debate on an issue as trivial as the use of washroom facilities by a transgender student in an elementary Catholic school. In his seven-point missive, he seemed to justify the use of the words "mental illness" and "disorder" used by the Catholic authorities for transgender persons -- the parochial vicar can only speak for himself.

Hundreds Of Albertans Weigh In On Climate Change Policy

Shutterstock / Calin Tatu

Saskatchewan Premier: NDP Policies Not In Province's Best Interest


Multimillion Dollar Blazes Continues To Burn On Alberta Reserve

Blood Tribe Chief And Council/Facebook

More Bad News For The Oilsands

Dan Barnes via Getty Images

Underdog In Harper's Riding Releases 'Smartest Ad' Of The Campaign

Matt Masters Burgener/Facebook

Staff At Wildlife Centre Fear For Safety After Birds Shot

Medicine River Wildlife Centre/Facebook

2,000 Sightings Prompt City To Create 'Nuisance Bears' Committee

James Doberman via Getty Images

Grade 6 Student Grills Her Local Federal Election Candidates

YouTube/The Owls Nest

Renting In Canada Looks Cheap Compared To The U.S.

mikeinlondon via Getty Images

Edmonton Catholic School Board Struggles With LGBT Policy


Ontario Family That Vanished Before Wedding Found Safe In Alberta

anne de Haas via Getty Images

May Says Greens Support Refineries, Not Pipelines

AFP via Getty Images

2-Year-Old Girl, Father Honoured At Tearful Memorial


Drunk Driver Jailed For Fatal Crash That Forced Emergency Delivery


Notley Gives First Speech On Business In Calgary To Quiet Crowd

Man In Confederate Flag Mask Arrested At Calgary Debate

WATCH: All The Little Things To Be Thankful For

Ryan McVay via Getty Images

Excited Calgary Lotto Winner Falls Down The Stairs

Western Canada Lottery Corporation

Edmonton Says Hello To The McDonald's Of The Future

CNW Group/McDonald's Canada

Judge Reserves Verdict On Mountie Accused Of Possessing Child Porn

Creatas via Getty Images

Volatile Prices Bring Down Natural Gas, Land Sales In Saskatchewan

Joke's On Us: Town Mocked For Bland Slogan Wins Tourism Award

Sarah-Nelle Jackson/Facebook

Mayor Hopes Memorial For Double-Murder Victims Will Bring Closure

Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press

Spooky Alberta Activities For Halloween!

Roberta Murray via Getty Images

Unemployment Rate Rises Amid Big Job Losses In Ontario

Martin Barraud via Getty Images

Company Denies Workers Were Barred From Office


Family Of Alberta Murder-Suicide Victim Calls For Public Inquiry

Colleen Lois Sillito/Facebook

Alberta Tories Call Out.. Tory For Being A 'No Show'

Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press


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Oilers Make A BIG Decision About Their Captaincy

Andy Devlin via Getty Images

Calgary Mayor Wishes Niqab Wasn't A Campaign Issue

Chris Young/The Canadian Press

Housing Construction Trending Down In Alberta, Says CMHC

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Former NHL Player Asks Alberta To Support Mental Health

Jeff McIntosh/The Candian Press

Over 200 Weapons Seized From Calgary Home

Calgary Police Service

NEB Accused Of Rushing Regulatory Process For Energy East

Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press

Costs Have Stabilized For Alberta's New Oil Refinery

GEOFF ROBINS via Getty Images

'Justin's Confused,' Ignorant On TPP: Kenney


Spending, Not Oil, Caused Alberta Budget Woes: Fraser Institute

Design Pics via Getty Images

Saskatchewan Residents Say 'No' To Foreign-Owned Farms

Russ Heinl via Getty Images

Alberta Rolls Out Program To Promote Responsible Gambling

Lonely Planet via Getty Images

Saskatchewan RCMP Tells Drivers To Get It Together

Kindersley RCMP

Protecting 'Vulnerable Families' Is Payday Loan Review's Concern

'Renounce Your Heritage,' Tory Candidate Reportedly Tells Voter

Ubaka Ogbogu

Killer Sentenced For Calgary House Party Stabbing

Design Pics / Michael Interisano via Getty Images

Tories Promise New Parental Benefits


Mulcair Pledges Billions For Aboriginal Education


Regina Schools Axe Grad, Citing Equity Concerns

JanKangurowski via Getty Images