November 1, 2014
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On Guard, For All of Us

Ottawa Steve Russell via Getty Images

Like so many others across our country, I was - am - so upset about these tragic events. I am upset that a reservist guarding our nation's war memorial was murdered so callously. I am upset that the building where the legislation that shapes our country has been discussed and debated and passed into law was violated in such a visceral way. I am upset that schools in the area had to put their lockdown skills to good use.

Nenshi Shortlisted For World's Best Mayor Prize

Nenshi Comic Expo
Twitter: nenshi

Homeless Piano Player Has Had A Rough Life

Ryan Arcand

Public Needs More Info In Redford RCMP Probe: Opposition

Alison Redford
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Father And Son Die In Separate Crashes On 'Highway of Death'

Highway 63 Alberta

Calgary Business Tycoon Dies

John Forzani

'Humiliated' Social Worker Banned From Mall Not Ready For Apology

Gary Moostoos
Global News/Screengrab

Man Dead After Overnight Police Shooting

Police Gun
Shutterstock / Robert Aubin

As Oil Prices Drop, Energy Giant Passes On New Projects

Suncor Energy

RCMP Investigate Redford Administration

Alison Redford

Author And Lawyer Reva Seth Says She Was Assaulted By Jian Ghomeshi

Reva Seth Ghomeshi Facebook

Dog To Comfort Child Witnesses In Sex Abuse Trial

Child Feet Dog Paws
Owl Stories via Getty Images

This Is How Much Albertans Will Spend This Holiday Season

Holiday Shopping
CP Cheah via Getty Images

Missing Kids Charity Closing

Child Find Alberta
Child Find Alberta

Here's What The BoC Says Falling Oil Prices Will Do To Canada's Economy

Oil Price Gap Canada

Prentice And Chief Talk Stalled Land Claim

Jim Prentice

Government Moves To Protect Seniors From Fires

Sprinkler Fire
Don Farrall via Getty Images

No New Leads

Nathan Obrien

Don't Want All That Candy? This Calgary Dentist Will Buy It Back

Nathan O'Brien's Parents Speak Out

Nathan Obrien

Edmonton Mall Apologizes To Aboriginal Social Worker For Ban

Gary Moostoos
Global News/Screengrab

Alberta's Winter Might Not Be Too Terrible.. Maybe

Alberta Winter
Ascent Xmedia via Getty Images

Highway Of Death Claims More Lives

Highway 63 Alberta

Energy East Pipeline Not Necessary, Environmental Groups Say

Energy East Pipeline Project

Air Canada's Cockpit Porn Problem Bigger Than Thought, Pilot Says

Air Canada Pilot

If Canada Had 36 Provinces, It Might Look Like This

Canada Map 36 Provinces
Alexandr Trubetskoy

LOOK: Past And Future Of Calgary's Growing Skyline

Calgary Skyline
Devin Henry

Cull Approved After Wolves Attack Farmers' Cattle

Mike Hill via Getty Images

Edmonton Airport Has Brought In Dogs To Help Frantic Fliers

Dogs Edmonton Airport

Your 5-Step Guide For Surviving A Real-Life Zombie Apocalypse

Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

How You React To This Photo Predicts Your Political Leanings

John Mitchell via Getty Images

The Best Cities In Canada For Trick-Or-Treating

Ottawa Fog

10 Awful Retro Dating 'Tips' For Teens

Smiling Teen Couple
H. Armstrong Roberts via Getty Images

The History Of The Pin-Up Girl, From The 1800s To The Present


13 Kitchen Rules You're Probably Ignoring

Sean Malyon via Getty Images

Break-And-Enter Suspect Makes Most Canadian Escape Ever

Red Canoe
Getty Images

WATCH: Homeless Man Plays Incredible Public Piano Solo

Homeless Man Plays Piano
VVRoz P / YouTube

WATCH: Weird Mockumentary Profiles Dude Who Backs Up Cars In Edmonton

Mac Demarco

LOOK: Most Expensive Houses For Sale In Canada Right Now

Most Expensive Houses Canada

11 Sex Tips For People Who Are Way Too Busy To Have Sex

Sex Tips
Matt Dutile via Getty Images

Are These The Greatest Spots In Canada?

Greatest Places Canada
Great Places In Canada

Which One Of Your Favourite Halloween Candies Has The Most Sugar?

Tim Hortons Customers Splattered With Blood: RCMP

Tim Hortons Vernon Bc
Carmen Weld/Castanet

LOOK: Incredible Images Of Canadian Wildlife Will Blow You Away

Photographer Of The Month
Pat Roque Photography

These Are The World's Most Livable Countries Right Now

Oslo Norway
Spaces Images via Getty Images

(Yes, Canada Ranks)

How Porn May Permanently Affect Your Brain

Man Computer In Bed
Fuse via Getty Images

'Ripple Effect' Pays Off For Crazy Weatherdog

Mike Sobel Dog Weather
Global News/YouTube