April 29, 2016
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Justin Trudeau Must Come Clean About Carbon Emissions

Justin Trudeau Drew Angerer via Getty Images

By not telling Canadians the truth about the government's almost certain inability to control future carbon emissions, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is guilty of downplaying the greatest issue ever to face the country and the world -- an issue that will have dire consequences for our children and grandchildren.

Oilsands Giant Says There's No Going Back To How Things Were

Dan Riedlhuber / Reuters

Get To Know Edmonton Through This Photographer's Striking Portraits

Cory Johnn Photography

Let's Not Divide Canada Over Pipelines: Notley


Forget The Kardashians, This Canada Goose Cam Has Video Game Music

BioWare Goose Cam/YouTube

Earls Angers Farmers, Politicians, Racists By Ditching Canadian Beef

Earls Restaurants/HO

Moose Watches Man Watching CBC In Most Canadian Video Of All Time


Dogs Protect 9-Year-Old Girl Lost In Alberta Forest Overnight

Photos.com via Getty Images

'She Wanted Her Story Told,' Man Says After Wife's Assisted Death

Jonathan Hayward/CP

Separate Workplace Accidents Leave 2 Albertans Dead In 1 Day


Father Convicted In Son's Death Says Trial Set 'Dangerous Precedent'


'Do Not Admit Guilt,' Cabbie Told Himself After Running Over Teenager

Courtoisie/Taxi Diamond

Anti-Trudeau Truck Sign Might Be 'Offensive' But It's Legal: RCMP


Student Puts PM On Spot For 'Third World' Indigenous Living Conditions

Matt Smith/CP

Alberta Naturopath Under Investigation After Toddler's Death

Google Maps

Trudeau Says He's Been 'Crystal Clear' On Pipelines

Matt Smith/Canadian Press

All-Night Rescue Frees Tourist Stuck In ‘Laundry Chute' Cave

Kananaskis Country Public Safety Section/Facebook

Calgary Police Charge Mom In Death Of Disabled Daughter

Shutterstock / val lawless

► Watch This Daredevil Leap Off An Icy Alberta Waterfall

Colin Ross/YouTube

Alberta Judge Rules Against Ban On Pharmacy Loyalty Rewards

Bernard Weil via Getty Images

Massive Fire Engulfs CN Rail Bridge Near Edmonton

Town Of Mayerthorpe

Notley Heading To Washington To Boast Alberta's Climate Plan


STDs Are Way Up In Alberta And Gov't Is Blaming Social Media


Edmonton Park's Stink Is Silent, But Could Be Deadly

City of Edmonton

Alberta Parents Found Guilty In Toddler's Meningitis Death


Canada 'Does Not And Will Not' Pay Ransom To Terrorists: Trudeau


Trudeau Meeting A Sign Of Hope: First Nations Leaders


Alberta Parents Accused Of Child's Death Await Jury Verdict

Bill Graveland/CP

More Canadians Buddying Up To Enter Housing Market

Tom Merton via Getty Images


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'It's Like A Religion': Experts Discuss Belief In Naturopathy


Alberta Dad Builds Luxury (Play) Homes

Charmed Playhouses/Facebook

Canadian Killed In Philippines Remembered For 'Stunning Mind'

TVI Resource Development

Alberta's Credit Rating Downgraded Again

Amber Bracken/CP

Nenshi's Uber Rant To Be Investigated By Integrity Commissioner


It's Time For 'Decisive Action' To Stop Aboriginal Youth Suicides

Nathan Denette/CP

Trudeau Condemns 'Cold-Blooded Murder' Of Canadian Hostage

Canadian Press

No Firm Commitments On Pipelines, Despite Notley's Pleas

Dean Bennett/CP

Alberta Flood Reservoir Plan Is 'Devastating,' Say Landowners

Jeff McIntosh/CP

Provinces Learn What Liberal Infrastructure Plan Will Cover

Adrian Wyld/CP

Trudeau, Ministers Discuss Reeling Alberta Economy At Retreat


'There Are No Jobs': Engineering Graduates Wait Up To 1 Year For Work

Lucidio Studio Inc via Getty Images

Costco Frozen Peas Recalled Over Possible Listeria

Handout/Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Prosecutor Slams Parents In Trial Over Toddler's Meningitis Death


Calgary Mayor Slams Uber As ‘Dicks' In Video


Canada Is Set To Bleed Oil And Gas Jobs This Year

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Daughter Charged In Elderly Mom's Slaying In Alberta

Obit Photo/CTV Facebook

Energy Giant Bends To Quebec's Demands On Eastward Pipeline