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Superman Through The Years

Posted: 06/14/2013 5:17 pm

Henry Cavill may be stepping into the iconic red and blue suit, but the character of Clark Kent/Superman has been around for a long time. In celebration of the new Man of Steel film (opening today in theatres across the country) we take a look back at the actors who have taken on the role of one of the most beloved comic book characters of all time.

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  • Kirk Alyn

    <strong><em>Superman</em> (1948) and <em>Atom Man Vs. Superman</em> (1950)</strong> Kirk Alyn was the first actor to play Superman on the big screen. The American actor portrayed the iconic comic book superhero in two movies in 1948 and 1950.

  • George Reeves

    <strong><em>The Adventures of Superman</em> (1952 - 1958)</strong> Actor George Reeves was the next actor to take on the role of Superman. Reeves appeared in 102 episodes of the popular 50's TV series <em>The Adventures of Superman</em>.

  • Christopher Reeve

    <strong><em>Superman</em> (1978), <em>Superman II</em> (1980), <em>Superman III</em> (1983) and <em>Superman IV</em> (1987)</strong> One of the most memorable actors to take on the role of Superman was Christopher Reeve. Reeve starred as the comic book superhero in the blockbuster hits <em>Superman</em>, <em>Superman II</em>, <em>Superman III</em>, and finally <em>Superman IV: The Quest for Peace</em>. Years later he appeared in 3 episodes of the TV show <em>Smallville</em>, the story about Clark Kent growing up.

  • Dean Cain

    <strong><em>Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman</em> (1992 - 1997)</strong> When Lois & Clark debuted on televison sets in 1993 it instantly turned Dean Cain (and actress Teri Hatcher who portrayed Lois Lane) into household names. Years later Cain also made an appearance on the TV show <em>Smallville</em>, the story about Clark Kent growing up.

  • Tom Welling

    <strong><em>Smallville</em> (2001 - 2011)</strong> Before Superman there was simply Clark Kent. Actor Tom Welling starred in <em>Smallville</em>, a story about the early years of Superman. The TV series was a critical hit airing 217 episodes throughout its run.

  • Brandon Routh

    <strong><em>Superman Returns</em> (2006)</strong> In 2006 Superman finally returned to the big screen. Actor Brandon Routh stepped into the iconic blue bodysuit and red cape for director Bryan Singer's critically-derided film <em>Superman Returns</em>.

  • Henry Cavill

    <strong><em>Man Of Steel</em> (2013)</strong> Henry Cavill is the newest man to step into the Superman role. Before starring in <em>Man Of Steel</em>, the British actor was best known for his role in the popular Showtime series <em>The Tudors</em>.


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