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Andree Lau is The Huffington Post B.C.'s News Editor. Andree was previously a journalist at the CBC, where she worked in Vancouver, Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick.

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Dog Fighting Rings Behind Spike In Missing B.C. Pets: Owner

(0) Comments | Posted March 2, 2015 | 2:37 AM

As the SPCA in northeastern B.C. warns about a recent jump in dog disappearances, one owner believes illegal dog fighting is to blame.

Brad Tanner's family dog, Choco, vanished on Feb. 21 from his property east of Cecil Lake. He says his friend's pit bull was taken from their...

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'Low-Hanging Fruit' Comment By B.C. Premier Riles Up School Trustees, Teachers

(32) Comments | Posted February 28, 2015 | 1:19 AM

B.C. Premier Christy Clark has aggravated school trustees — and once again motivated teachers to lash back on social media — by calling $54 million in district cuts "low-hanging fruit."

The recent provincial budget directed the 60 school districts in B.C. to slash $29 million this year, and another $25...

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Deer With Bag On Head Gets Help From Grand Forks, B.C. Residents

(4) Comments | Posted February 27, 2015 | 5:56 PM

deer bag on head

A deer with a plastic bag stuck around its head got a helping hand, and a lasso, from about a dozen residents of Grand Forks, B.C.

The animal was first spotted on Saturday evening with the seed bag tightly wrapped around its...

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Crapload Of Hibernating Snakes In Delta, B.C. Woken By Construction

(0) Comments | Posted February 27, 2015 | 4:31 PM

Close to 500 garter snakes are getting settled in a new winter home, after their hibernation den was disturbed by construction in Delta, B.C.

Residents alerted crews reinforcing the dike near Beach Grove this week that there was a ball of sleeping snakes under some rocks, reported The...

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Palm Trees In Vancouver Are Real, And They're Spectacular

(8) Comments | Posted February 27, 2015 | 3:47 PM

Recent photos of warm, spring-like Vancouver brought much disbelief from some people — not because of the lovely February weather, but because of the palm trees.

You see, they felt such plants couldn't possibly exist in this city.

We're here to set the record straight: palm trees in Vancouver...

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Endangered Killer Whale Families Welcome 3rd Baby In Recent Months

(1) Comments | Posted February 26, 2015 | 6:06 PM

A third newborn orca has been spotted off the West Coast, which is encouraging news for the endangered southern resident killer whales.

The calf was observed with the L-pod near Westport off the coast of Washington state on Wednesday, said biologist Brad Hanson of the National Oceanic and...

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Pippa Middleton Raves About Whistler

(4) Comments | Posted February 26, 2015 | 1:01 PM

Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, reveals herself to be quite a ski enthusiast in a Vanity Fair column — and a huge fan of the Whistler resort in B.C.

Middleton (or someone on her staff) rounded up the "very best of resort skiing...

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Bikram Choudhury, Yoga Guru, Sued By Vancouver Woman For Alleged Rape

(9) Comments | Posted February 25, 2015 | 6:10 PM

A Vancouver woman has become the sixth person to file a lawsuit alleging sexual assault against Bikram Choudhury, the millionaire founder of a popular style of hot yoga.

Jill Lawler filed her lawsuit in California Superior Court earlier this month against Bikram Choudhury, who lives in Beverly Hills...

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Face Of Today Gala 2015 Brings Glitz, Giving (PHOTOS)

(0) Comments | Posted February 24, 2015 | 7:40 PM

Generations of Vancouver philanthropists turned out for a circus-themed evening of charity organized by an heir to the Army and Navy department store fortune on Saturday.

The Face of Today Gala, in its sixth year, raised more than $200,000 at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, said the foundation. The money...

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Giant Octopus, Diver Encounter Shows Nature Of 'Gentle Giant': Biologist

(4) Comments | Posted February 24, 2015 | 4:46 PM

A Canadian biologist is using some amazing photos of an encounter between her scuba diving partner and a giant octopus to shed light on the sea monster mythology.

Jackie Hildering, a biologist and marine educator, was in the water near Port Hardy, B.C. taking photos of lingcod when her dive...

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Vancouver Weather Is Glorious For February (PHOTOS)

(16) Comments | Posted February 24, 2015 | 2:10 PM

vancouver february

The Vancouver area (as well as parts of southern B.C. and Alberta) is enjoying an extended stretch of spring-like weather this February. But we are not here to gloat.

No, we'd like to extend an invitation to our freezing fellow Canadians to...

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UBC Attack: Woman Grabbed From Behind By Unknown Man

(0) Comments | Posted February 24, 2015 | 1:38 AM

An 18-year-old woman was assaulted while walking at the University of British Columbia (UBC) on Sunday night.

Police said the victim was walking alone in the area of Mundell Park in the south campus when an unknown man grabbed her from behind. The woman struggled and managed to...

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Breast Milk For Sale Bought By B.C. Fitness Buffs

(8) Comments | Posted February 23, 2015 | 4:12 PM

The list of non-baby uses for breast milk grows with news that a B.C. mother has sold it to two fitness buffs.

Jennifer Rowse, a nutritionist from Langley who has an 11-month-old son, sells her breast milk for $2 an ounce on Craigslist, reported The Province....

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Abbotsford Party With 500 People Shut Down By Police, Helicopter

(16) Comments | Posted February 22, 2015 | 1:02 AM

An RCMP helicopter and dozens of officers were called in to disperse an outdoor party in Abbotsford, B.C. that attracted more than 500 young people.

Most of the partiers at a makeshift cabin on Majuba Hill were drunk, police told Global News. About 30 officers from the Abbotsford...

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Moon, Mars, Venus Give Us A Reason To Look Up (PHOTOS)

(5) Comments | Posted February 21, 2015 | 5:30 PM

Many people were gazing up Friday night as the moon, Mars, and Venus put on a beautiful cosmic display.

Over the past month, the two planets have been moving closer together — known as a planetary conjunction. Vancouver astronomer Derrick Kief said that the last time this happened...

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Winter Swimming Is Good For Body And Soul: B.C. Swimmer (PHOTOS)

(4) Comments | Posted February 20, 2015 | 3:22 PM

cold water swimming

When winter hits Canada, many people grab their skis or indoor gym passes and put away thoughts of taking dips outdoors. But not Marina Borodina, who continues with what she calls "year-round swimming."

The North Vancouver woman grew up in Russia, where

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TED 2015 Vancouver Speakers Include Monica Lewinsky, Shonda Rhimes

(9) Comments | Posted February 19, 2015 | 5:08 PM

A former presidential intern, the man who created the iPod, and a pioneer performance artist are among the speakers set to hit the stage at this year's TED Conference in Vancouver.

The influential ideas forum takes place March 16-20 at the Vancouver Convention Centre and features experts who...

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Abbotsford Police Officers Under Investigation For Misconduct, Corruption

(26) Comments | Posted February 18, 2015 | 1:11 PM

A total of 17 members of the Abbotsford Police Department are under investigation in a corruption probe that began with the arrest of a constable on drug and conspiracy charges.

The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC) in B.C. said Wednesday that it's looking into a total of 148...

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Westminster Dog Show 2015 Top Honours Goes To Canadian Beagle

(9) Comments | Posted February 18, 2015 | 2:37 AM

Miss P, the soft-spoken beagle from British Columbia, shocked the crowd at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York City by nabbing top honours.

Bred by Lori Crandlemore of Tashtin Kennels in Enderby, B.C., the beagle beat out 2,711 dogs of 192 breeds...

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Gregor Robertson, Wanting Qu Confirm Relationship On Weibo

(17) Comments | Posted February 17, 2015 | 3:27 PM

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and pop star Wanting Qu have confirmed rumours that they're a couple with a very public Valentine's Day declaration of love.

The mayor posted a selfie with the singer on his Weibo account with a message in English and Chinese: "Happy Valentines Day sweetheart!...

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