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Beyond Gifts: HuffPost Bloggers Weigh In on Mother's Day

Posted: 05/09/2013 3:24 pm

Thanks to Hallmark, everyone's Mother's Day thoughts are consumed by gifts. (Does breakfast in bed count? Will they one-up last year's handmade card? Should I buy my wife something?)

Luckily, our stable of bloggers have diversified the Mother's Day conversation (though not to worry, there is still some practical advice for hopeless consumers). Our collection spans a variety of topics: motherly insecurities, the decision not to have children, mothers whose lives are in danger and the stigma against stay-at-home moms.

So while you're scrambling to remember what kind of flowers your mamma likes best (or busy worrying your kids won't remember), think of what Mother's Day means beyond a price tag.

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