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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations for Any Couple

Posted: 05/10/2013 12:17 pm


Whether or not you're a romantic guy, your honeymoon should be the most memorable vacation of your life. Although the possibilities are seemingly endless, if you truly want to have the perfect post-wedding getaway, you should choose your destination wisely. Are you a quiet couple that wishes to spend quality time by the beach or in the hotel room? Or perhaps you're a more adventurous, thrill-seeking duo? Whatever the case, here are 10 destinations that will make your woman want to marry you all over again.

No.10 Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
This is a definite honeymoon classic. You can even spend your vacation in two different countries by simply crossing the American-Canadian border over the Falls. What is there to do besides watch all that water? Drop by the impressive Niagara Casino to test your luck as newlyweds, or stroll lazily down the streets of the picturesque town of Niagara-on-the-Lake (a mere short drive away from Niagara Falls); its shops, cafés and culture are sure to please.

Special attraction: Take a breathtaking boat ride under the Falls in the Maid of the Mist.

No.9 The Islands of the Bahamas
With so many beautiful islands to choose from, it's hard to go wrong with this location. However, if you want to plan a really romantic getaway, there are even "romance directors" that can help you organize your fantasy honeymoon or wedding (on a beach at sunset, on a party boat where you can dance the night away, etc.).

Special attraction: Nassau/Paradise Island's unique blend of international glamour and tropical ease offers you the freedom to do absolutely everything or absolutely nothing. Choose from sophisticated resorts or empty beaches, vibrant nightlife or world-class watersports.

No.8 Nice, France
The French Riviera, with its subtropical climate and beautiful beaches on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is the perfect destination for couples that want to relax and soak up some sun. Just be sure to control your wandering eyes because those southern French women are hot!

Special attraction: If you're there in the winter, don't miss the Nice Carnival, which attracts over one-million people each year. The festivities, which go on for two weeks, include parades, rock and techno concerts, fireworks, and other shows.

No.7 The Turks and Caicos Islands
Located 575 miles (a 75-minute flight) southeast of Miami, these breathtaking islands boast the third largest coral reef system in the world (with 1,000 square miles), making them a premier beach, snorkeling and diving destination. You'll be blown away by the 230 miles of pristine sandy white beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters.

Special attraction: From late December through April, a herd of 2,500 humpback whales pass through the shores; divers can listen to an underwater concert of the whales' songs.

No.6 Aspen, Colorado
For the outdoorsy couples out there, this is an excellent destination for winter and summer sports alike. You can go skiing, snowboarding, golfing, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, rafting, and much more. At night, you can either choose to curl up by the fireplace in your lodge or hit the town to experience the Aspen nightlife.

Special attraction: After a tiring day of skiing or hiking, treat yourselves with a visit to the steamy Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves. Approximately an hour drive from Aspen (located in Glenwood Springs), this unique 106-year-old spa offers numerous body treatments like body mud and wraps, and massage.

No.5 Las Vegas, Nevada
If you've always wanted to know what it feels like to run off to Las Vegas to get married like some rebellious rock star, why don't you just plan your honeymoon there? Revel in the glamour of Vegas by visiting the most impressive casinos in the world, catching a show, or renting a cheesy honeymoon suite with a heart-shaped bed and drinking champagne in the Jacuzzi... in Vegas, your imagination is the limit!

Special attraction: Take a romantic gondola ride (complete with serenade) on the canals inside the Venetian hotel.

No.4 Tahiti, French Polynesia
If you really want to feel like you're in paradise, whisk your woman away to tropical Tahiti, also known as "The Island of Love." The awe-inspiring scenery includes high mountain peaks reaching into the clouds, deep green valleys and lush rainforests, waterfalls cascading into cool rivers and streams, as well as mind-blowing beaches.

Special attraction: Feeling adventurous? You could go searching for the legendary Lost Treasure of the Tuamotu, which is said to consist of $1.8 million worth of gold.

No.3 South Africa
Going on a safari is an option for the most adventurous of couples who want to do something truly memorable for their honeymoon. You'll never forget your face-to-face encounters with wild animals.

Special Attraction: Kruger National Park boasts two million hectares of land, making it one of the largest game reserves in the world. Explore it on foot, in a rented Jeep or as part of a larger tour group. If you're looking for animal sightings, stick to the southern section of the park.

No.2 Costa Rica, Central America
There is so much to see in Costa Rica, which is said to be Central America's "special jewel." Visit the Poas Volcano National Park and the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, or take a nature cruise (or go rafting) on the Rio Sarapiqui. If you travel inland to the Tilaran Highlands, stay in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve where you can visit the amazing Butterfly Garden and hike through the exotic rainforests.

Special attraction: When all the sightseeing has worn you out, relax on one of Costa Rica's fantastic beaches, such as Playa Zancudo (the locals claim that it's the best swimming beach) or Pavones (which offers some of the best Pacific surf).

No.1 Hawaii
Hawaii is the ultimate honeymoon destination, with its beautiful beaches and many islands, each of which has its own personality and attractions. Maui has great weather and an active nightlife while Kaua'i is much less commercial with its scenic valleys, clear waterfalls and dramatic coastline. If you can't make up your mind, you can take a cruise that will allow you to visit all the islands.

Special attractions: The active volcanoes and the black sand beaches of "The Big Island" (Hawaii).

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  • Stay in an Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora

    You’ll probably never want to leave (ever) when you set foot in your villa at <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/bucket-list-honeymoon-destinations-overwater-bungalow-tahiti-bora-bora?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort</a>. Personal butlers will deliver whatever your heart desires and swimming is as easy as diving off the swim platform into the clear, bathlike waters below. If you do emerge, the resort’s sprawling grounds, made smaller with beach-cruiser bikes, are lush and fringed with palm trees and beaches. The spa is tucked away on an island in the middle of its own lagoon, where tropical fish and corals were raised in a protected environment, making it an ideal snorkel spot. <em>Photo by Zach Stovall</em> <strong>Related: <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/article/Overwater-Bungalow-Honeymoons-Bora-Bora-Tahiti?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">More overwater bungalows in Tahiti</a></strong>

  • Dive the South Pacific in Fiji

    Described as a diver’s paradise, Fiji’s reefs are teeming with an underwater parade of hammerheads, turtles, mantas ... you name it. But you don’t have to be certified to get in on the action: shallow depths mean snorkelers can also take in the same amazing sights, like coral in every color of the rainbow. For an ultra-romantic topside escapade, stay at in a beachfront bure (bungalow) at private-island resort <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/bucket-list-honeymoon-destinations-fiji-resort-fiji-honeymoon?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">The Wakaya Club & Spa</a>. <em>Photo by Chris Mclennan</em> <strong>Related: <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/articles/south-pacific-honeymoons-guide-to-fiji-tahiti-and-the-cook-islands?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">South Pacific Honeymoon Guide</a></strong>

  • Make Like Royalty in Ireland

    Even if you’re not Will and Kate, you can still act like royals on your honeymoon and the Emerald Isle offers just the place: <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/bucket-list-honeymoon-destinations-ireland?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">Dromoland Castle</a> in County Clare. Cozy up in the Honeymoon Suite's drawing room, with a couch, daybed, dining table, flat-screen TV and chandelier. The upstairs bedroom (yes, upstairs) is perched in a turret overlooking the ivy-covered castle below, while the adjoining bath has a blissfully oversize tub, perfect for two. <em>Photo by Shutterstock</em> <strong>Related: <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/7-venues-for-a-castle-wedding?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">7 Venues for a Castle Wedding</a></strong>

  • Bike Down a Volcano in Hawaii

    Riding a bike in Maui might not seem extraordinary — until you consider the route is an adrenalin-pumping, 6,000-foot plunge down the outside of Haleakala volcano. (And you don’t have to be in Tour de France shape to make the ride.) Of the nine companies that offer volcano bike trips, <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/bucket-list-honeymoon-destinations-maui-hawaii?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">Haleakala Bike Co.</a> offers the freedom to ride the route at your own pace rather than with a tightly packed guided group. Even with the 1:30 AM call-time, all it takes is one amazing Haleakala sunrise from the 10,000-foot summit to see why the ancient Hawaiians called this mountain “House of the Sun.” Stay at luxe <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/bucket-list-honeymoon-destinations-maui-hawaii?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua</a>, and post-ride you can soothe your muscles with a massage at the spa. <em>Photo by Joe Yogerst</em> <strong>Related: <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/10-romantic-beach-honeymoon-destinations?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations</a></strong>

  • Explore Machu Picchu in Peru

    There are two ways to get to the breathtaking Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary: by foot, via the two- to five-day Inca Trail, or for those on a tighter itinerary, by a three-hour train from Cusco. The sights will be too much to appreciate in one afternoon, so book a room at <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/bucket-list-honeymoon-destinations-machu-picchu-0?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">Orient-Express’ Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge</a>. The convenience that comes from sleeping at the top of the hill, next door to the entrance so you can come and go as you please, is priceless. <em>Photo by Susan Moynihan</em> Related: <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/article/adventure-honeymoons?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">9 Honeymoons for Adventurers</a>

  • Never Leave the Room in St. Lucia

    You don’t go to <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/bucket-list-honeymoon-destinations-st-lucia-0?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">Jade Mountain</a> resort for its beaches, even though the volcanic sand sparkles in the sun and there’s fantastic snorkeling right off the shore. You don’t go for the activities, even though they range from hiking to sunset sailing. You don’t even go for the food, created by a James Beard Award-winning chef. You go for the rooms, so divine they’re called “sanctuaries.” Each comes with a private butler who will deliver that amazing food (passion-fruit waffles for breakfast, couscous-crusted mahi for dinner) along with anything else you might desire. Need a massage? Therapists bring portable tables to perform their services en suite. The only thing missing from your sanctuary is the fourth wall, offering a stunning view of the iconic Pitons. <em>Photo by Jade Mountain</em> <strong>Related: <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/8-romantic-hotels-with-ultimate-honeymoon-suites?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">8 Ultimate Honeymoon Suites</a></strong>

  • Go on Safari in South Africa

    Your bucket list will receive a gigantic check mark when you spy all of the Big Five animals — elephants, rhinos, Cape buffaloes, leopards and lions. But this is no ordinary safari: <em>This</em> honeymoon-worthy adventure is <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/bucket-list-honeymoon-destinations-south-africa?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">&Beyond’s Five-Day Ngala Experience</a>, a luxurious safari crafted to guests’ interests. A helicopter tour is included, plus you certainly won’t be roughing it with a personal butler, private dinners and pre-heated beds. <em>Photo by Thinkstock</em> <strong>Related: <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/best-honeymoon-destinations-2013?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">Best Honeymoon Destinations of 2013</a></strong>

  • Get Star Treatment in Mexico

    Sure, celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Bethenny Frankel have relaxed around the adults-only pool, and George Clooney and Brangelina are known to frequent the resort’s three restaurants. But the best part about <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/bucket-list-honeymoon-destinations-cabo-san-lucas-mexico?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">One&Only Palmilla</a> in Cabo is the staff will make you feel just as famous when you check in. Your personal butler will greet you with a welcome carafe of tequila. Ask him to book a snorkeling trip on the resort’s private yacht to Lover’s Beach — a great spot for couples who want to pack a lunch and spend the afternoon on a quiet sandy cove. Ramble down to the beach and relax on a floating bed and keep an eye out at the swim-up bar — you never know who you might see. Photo by One&Only Palmilla <strong>Related: <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/romantic-hotels-and-resorts-with-private-plunge-pools?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">8 Suites with Private Plunge Pools</a></strong>

  • Ride an Elephant in Thailand

    Trekking through the jungle in Thailand is pretty cool; trekking through the jungle in Thailand on the back of an elephant is even cooler. <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/bucket-list-honeymoon-destinations-thailand?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve</a>, offers the experience, ending with a panoramic view from the top of Naga Mountain. After your adventure, head back to your luxury digs with soaking tubs (yes, tubs — one in the bathroom and one outside in a stone garden) and a lavishly oversize bed, comprised of two California king mattresses linked together and covered with the softest linens imaginable. If the property seems a bit familiar, it's probably because it was featured in <em>The Hangover 2</em>. <em>Photo by Shutterstock</em> <strong>Related: <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/13-affordable-honeymoon-destinations?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">Best Affordable Honeymoon Destinations</a></strong>

  • Cruise the Galapagos Islands

    Couples fascinated by nature should head to the Galapagos for a once-in-a-lifetime excursion. For centuries, the wildlife here has evolved away from humans — aside from Mr. Darwin and his lot. A good way to explore the islands: a cruise on 32-passenger <em>M/V Evolution</em>, arranged by <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/bucket-list-honeymoon-destinations-galapagos-islands-cruise-animals-ecuador?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">International Expeditions</a>. By day, spot Blue-footed Boobies, sea lions, penguins, lizards, giant tortoises and birds. Once dusk settles in, return to your floating hotel for cocktail hour and dinner, followed by the most amazing star display you’ve ever seen. <em>Photo by Hilary R. Brown</em> <strong>Related: <a href="http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/gallery/12-best-cruises-for-honeymoons?src=SYN&dom=huffpo" target="_hplink">12 Best Cruises for Honeymoons</a></strong>


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