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Abby Langer

Dietitian and Owner, Abby Langer Nutrition.

Abby Langer is a dietitian living and working in Toronto. She is a mom, a wife, a runner, and a cook.
Abby graduated with a degree in Nutrition from Loyola University Chicago, and has worked in both the US and Canada as a dietitian.
As a believer in real food, Abby centres her practice around encouraging and teaching clients to cook and eat whole foods.
When she’s not working to change the public’s perception of dietitians as finger wagging Food Guide champions, she’s usually found chasing her kids around, posting on her blog and Twitter, or sneaking off to a locked room for some peace and quiet.
YouTube/Nicole Arbour

A Dietitian's Response to Nicole Arbour's 'Dear Fat People'

Last week, a self-proclaimed 'comedian' from Canada posted a video rant to YouTube titled "Dear Fat People." I had the dubious pleasure of seeing it in its entirety, and it was really really hard to watch -- not only because of the sheer cruelty spewing from this woman's mouth, but also because I felt embarrassed for her thinking she was being 'helpful' to overweight people.
09/10/2015 05:22 EDT
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Why I Won't Back Down to My Online Bullies

Go ahead and present me in a calm, polite way with evidence against my viewpoint, and I will read it with an open mind. I will happily engage in civil conversation with someone who doesn't agree with my take on something, because that sort of discourse helps my practice by teaching me about other perspectives.
07/16/2015 05:32 EDT
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Four Reasons Why You Shouldn't Quit Sugar

I know it's a surprising title, especially from a dietitian, right when quitting sugar is the trendiest thing to do these days. I think most people eat too much sugar -- 25 teaspoons a day is the average, which is higher than the recommended six to nine teaspoons -- so this post isn't about encouraging you to eat more.
06/18/2015 08:09 EDT

The Perfect Mother's Day Gifts for Your Foodie Mom

If your mom or whoever you're buying for is into food and cooking, you might want to consider the following gifts, any of which I personally would want to receive, and that I think are the best options for your foodie mom.
05/05/2015 12:47 EDT
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6 Ways to Eat More Sustainably

Sometimes, eating sustainably is difficult, but even if you don't jump into it with both feet, every bit helps. Do what you can afford, what you believe in, and what's easiest for you. In many cases, eating more sustainably means eating cheaper, fresher foods: keep reading to see what you can do.
04/13/2015 05:30 EDT
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Best Desk Snack Choices From a Dietitian

I had a client once who was so busy, he would buy a tray of cut vegetables at the supermarket and drive around with it on the front passenger seat of his car. It was the only way he knew he would get his vegetables in during the day! Do that if you have to, but any raw (or cooked) vegetable dipped in hummus is the perfect before-you-leave snack.
03/05/2015 10:07 EST
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Why I Ate Food Out Of the Garbage For Dinner Last Night

I asked the produce manager about fruits and vegetables that are merely unattractive, not rotten, and he said that at this particular store, there is no call for such a thing. Turns out, people in upper-class Forest Hill want their apples perfect, not deformed. There is one store in the chain that does sell imperfect produce, but it's in a different neighborhood.
02/16/2015 04:50 EST

The 8 Biggest "Healthy" Food Hoaxes of All Time

There will always be some people who are tricked into thinking that the foods below are actually healthy. Little do they know that these foods are the biggest food hoaxes of all time. These are the classic "good for you" foods that are really NOT good for you.
01/04/2015 10:32 EST
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How To Get Back on the Diet Track After Holiday Indulgence

Don't use the holidays as an excuse to not be active. It may take a bit of planning, but it's still important to move your body. Sweating out stress and overindulgence is a great feeling, so take advantage of whatever activity you can get in. Glycogen, which is the way your body stores carbohydrate, is the fuel for exercise, and after a huge meal you've got lots of it.
12/12/2014 05:43 EST

7 Gifts for the Health Nut on Your Holiday List

It's December, so stop slacking and start thinking about holiday gifts! Have you got someone on your list who is trying to get healthier this year? I've got you covered with my list of food and nutrition gifts so you can get your shopping done quickly and make everyone happy on Christmas morning.
12/02/2014 08:39 EST

Stop Ruining Your Kids' Fun - Let Them Eat Halloween Candy

How can I say this nicely? Stop telling kids that sugar is toxic, and stop ruining their fun. Kids don't need scare tactics to make good choices, and they should be allowed to enjoy a holiday without their parents' food issues getting in the way. I will be handing out candy this Halloween, like I always do. There, I said it. Bad dietitian!
10/29/2014 06:14 EDT
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Six Survival Tips To Get You Through Eating Season

When I was younger, I read something that Cindy Crawford said that has always stuck with me: "I'm not going to let anyone twist my arm and shove a cookie in my mouth". I'm sure most people have experienced that well-meaning (or not so much, but that's another blog) relative or friend who wants you to eat their 'special' cookies, casserole, or other sweet or high calorie treat.
10/19/2014 02:21 EDT
Ariel Skelley

Family Dinners Don't Have to Be Perfect

A recent study calling family dinners 'elitist' and 'unrealistic' has ruffled some feathers. I don't think family dinners or home cooking for one or more is elitist and unrealistic, but I do think that we have to temper our expectations of ourselves down to what is doable under the circumstances of our lives.
10/06/2014 05:24 EDT