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Andree Lau

Editor-in-chief, HuffPost Canada

Andree Lau is the editor-in-chief of HuffPost Canada after serving as managing editor of news. She helped launch HuffPost B.C. in 2012 and later also managed HuffPost Alberta. Lau previously worked for CBC News as a TV reporter, videojournalist, writer/producer, and online editor in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Regina, and New Brunswick. 


Vancouver Election 2014: Ask The Mayoral Candidates Anything

With the blessing of the moderators of the /r/Vancouver subreddit, we reached out to the three main Vancouver mayoral candidates to see if we could facilitate AMAs. After much juggling of their very busy schedules, we're excited to announce that they're keen to participate in this online experiment.
10/14/2014 06:25 EDT
Ken Levine via Getty Images

Gino Odjick's Underdog Story Needs Miracle Ending

His on-ice fights were legendary, usually ending up with a torn shirt, and his pads, stick, helmet scattered across the ice. Fans went wild when Odjick dropped his gloves. As a parent of young boys, I'm not supposed to condone hockey fighting, but I will admit to joining the crowd on their feet at the Pacific Coliseum back then, chanting at the top of my lungs, "Gino! Gino! Gino!"
06/27/2014 05:12 EDT

RCMP Shootings Remind Us Officers Are Very, Very Human

We eulogize these brave men and women after they sacrifice their lives protecting us. But what about the rest of the time? We in the media grumble about not having enough access or details in an RCMP investigation.The public is quick to jump on stories of RCMP misconduct or impropriety. Do we take them for granted? You bet we do. It shouldn't take blasts of violence and evil for us to recognize the risks they face daily and voluntarily. And when those risks are realized, we should remember that these tough, uniformed cops are very, very human.
06/05/2014 09:32 EDT

ICBC Refund Cheques Will Be In the Mail

ICBC customers who want to find out if the public auto insurer owes them money will have to wait for a letter in the mail. ICBC will be informing affected customers in the next 90 days and mailing re...
04/16/2014 01:37 EDT

Tainted Hot Dogs Left Out For Pets

The RCMP is investigating homemade hot dogs stuffed with pills that were left on a rural road popular with people walking their dogs in Courtenay, B.C. Someone found the food along Headquarters Road a...
03/13/2014 12:20 EDT

B.C. Family Doctors Just Phone Call Away

Patients in B.C. will soon be able to consult their family doctors by phone in a new program announced Friday by the provincial health ministry and the B.C. Medical Association. The program called "A...
02/22/2013 02:16 EST
Abbotsford Police

Help Solve Abbotsford Hit And Run

Police in Abbotsford, B.C. are asking the public to help solve an apparent hit and run that killed Shaminderjeet Kaur Brar. Brar, 34, was reported missing on Feb. 12 and was found six days later on t...
02/21/2013 03:14 EST