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Brian Vinh Tien Trinh is the Video Programmer for HuffPost Canada. Will add video for food. 
Talia Ricci

Could This Tiny Town Be Canada's Best Kept Secret?

There are certain parts of the year where there is no life for Don Rice outside of Bear River, Nova Scotia. To live in a village in an outlying area with 800 people might seem like a prison sentence for some, but for Rice, one of 50 artisans living in the community, the area is a gift for artists looking to nurture their own gifts.
06/30/2014 10:47 EDT
Brian Trinh

Welcome To The Birthplace Of Poutine

Ask anyone for a list of Canadian cuisine and poutine will surely land somewhere near the top. Sure, the iconic dish -- that unholy trinity of French fries, cheese curds and gravy -- might look like a heart attack served with a fork, but trace its origins and you'll find yourself in the town of Drummondville, le cœur du Québec, the "heart of Quebec."
06/27/2014 05:01 EDT
Brian Trinh

This Might Just Be The Prettiest Way To Enter The U.S. From Canada

Alexis Nazbravich usually starts her mornings driving from her house in Boissevain, Man., to the International Peace Gardens. But once she steps inside the garden's café to get a coffee, Nazbravich's technically no longer in Canada: she's now inside North Dakota. How is this possible? Well, it's one of the International Peace Garden's quirks.
06/25/2014 12:12 EDT
Talia Ricci

WATCH: Travel Back To A Simpler Time With A Trip Here

At 17 years old, Grace Hofer sounds like your typical Canadian teenager. She likes to read, play her guitar and enjoys her free time in Saskatchewan's outdoors. Less typical is where she lives: the Lajord Hutterite Colony, located roughly 30 minutes from Regina.
06/24/2014 11:53 EDT
Talia Ricci

Here's Why You'll Fall In Love With Alberta's Wilderness

Located 45 minutes west of Calgary by car, the 4,200-square-kilometre networks of parkland and recreational area is the home to provincial wildlife; the playground for visitors and the office for Becky Webb, a communications officer stationed at the Kananaskis Emergency Services centre. On a good day, Kananaskis is an escape for anyone looking for peace.
06/23/2014 12:44 EDT
Talia Ricci

Meet The Man Behind Canada's Coolest Treehouses

Chances are if you're already heading for Qualicum Bay, B.C., you're probably coming for a stay inside Chudleigh's Free Spirit Spheres. At their core, Chudleigh's spheres are premium tree houses suspended above the ground, strung across the island's rainforest canopy with a network of rope.
06/19/2014 03:04 EDT

Smartphones Ruined How I Travel

It's a Thursday night in Tel Aviv and despite my best efforts to dress for hours of bar hopping, I feel incredibly naked. Wallet? Yup. Underwear? Oh yeah. Shoes? I've got both of them. The one thing I'm missing is my phone.
10/23/2013 12:41 EDT

Roger Mooking Gets 'Grilled' On His Pringles Curse

Roger Mooking shuffles his feet a few feet away from the stage at a Stratford cooking demo, much like the way an actor psyches himself up before an opening act. It’s fitting, considering he’s about t...
09/26/2013 12:42 EDT

Think You Could Last '72 Hours'?

If you're reading this right now, there's a good chance you live a comfortable life. Sure, life could be better -- a bigger house, maybe a nicer car -- but on the flip side, life could be a lot worse....
06/05/2013 02:46 EDT

5 Steps To A Perfect Espresso

As anyone who’s ever tried to make the perfect espresso knows, it’s not as easy as it looks. There are a ton of different elements at play, from the temperature to the right amount of beans ground jus...
03/18/2013 01:31 EDT

Around The World With A Cup Of Joe

Are you enamored with your morning cup of joe? You're not alone - coffee is a beverage that's enjoyed throughout the world in so many different forms. Europeans are the highest consumers of coffee, wi...
03/11/2013 02:28 EDT