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Craig and Marc Kielburger

Co-Founders, WE

Craig Kielburger and Marc Kielburger, Co-Founders, Free The Children

Brothers and founders of Free The Children, Craig and Marc Kielburger are two of the world's leading figures in youth empowerment. Free The Children, which works with more than one million youth every year, is the world's largest network of children helping children through education.

Marc and Craig are syndicated columnists and co-authors of the New York Times bestseller, Me to We, and most recently, The World Needs Your Kid.

Their work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show as well as on CNN, BBC, 60 Minutes and The Today Show, and in People, Time and the Economist.

Craig and Marc are represented by Me to We Speakers.
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Black History Month Can Make Us All Better Canadians

Ask most Canadians about black history and they'll tell you about slavery in America, victories of the Civil Rights Movement and the giants who led it. But what about Canada? Mathieu Da Costa, a renowned translator hired by Samuel de Champlain, was the first recorded black person in the country.
02/27/2017 09:53 EST
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Make Giving Back A Family Affair

Family Day is thus far a holiday without a tradition. Rather than retreat into separate rooms in the February darkness or risk it becoming just another greeting card holiday, let's imbue this unclaimed occasion with a tradition of giving. Not giving gifts, but giving back as a family to our communities.
02/09/2017 04:45 EST

The Power Of Letters In The Digital Age

Growing up, there was an unspoken absence in Zainib Abdullah's life. In Richmond Hill, Ontario, far from the home her family left in Iraq, she pieced together the story of her uncle. He had been unjustly arrested and disappeared years earlier by Saddam Hussein's government, without a trial or a chance to say goodbye to his loved ones. Now she puts pen to paper, writing letters on behalf of people unfairly imprisoned around the world.
02/03/2017 05:49 EST

Canada Gets A Poor Grade In Civics Literacy

Civics means learning about citizenship -- how our nation is governed, and our rights and duties as Canadians. It's a subject we believe is every bit as vital as math or science. Yet, across much of Canada, civics is tucked away in high school history or social studies curriculums.
01/26/2017 04:35 EST
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Diverse Toys Could Help Children Become Compassionate Leaders

Kids connect with characters who look like them, even if those characters are sidelined. But during playtime, your kid is the casting director. A toy they can identify with makes them the hero of their own story, and could overcome what we call 'activist's block,' the self-diminishing excuse we hear often: "I'm just one person. What can I do?"
01/20/2017 11:47 EST
Chris Wattie / Reuters

How The World Can Do Better In 2017

Years ago, Archbishop Desmond Tutu counselled us not to get discouraged by disheartening news headlines. Instead, think of them as a to-do list for changing the world, he said. As we look to 2017, we're taking that advice, focusing on positive outcomes and galvanized communities instead of lamenting past events.
12/22/2016 03:58 EST
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Indigenous Cuisine Offers A Path To Reconciliation

There's a new cadre of indigenous chefs who are part historian, part cultural ambassador. Piecing together recipes long passed down orally, Chef David Wolfman helps people find a sense of history and identity through food. For many experiencing the residual effects of residential schools, food provides a link to a culture they didn't even know they were missing.
12/08/2016 04:37 EST
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Rise Up, Canada, And Revoke The Licence To Hate

"Go back to your f---ing country," the white man screamed at the non-white man. This outburst was caught on camera, not in post-Brexit England or post-election America, but on a streetcar in the middle of multicultural Toronto. Lately, Canadian headlines teem with tales of hate crimes. So what can you do? Lots.
12/01/2016 04:52 EST
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Creativity Is The Future Of Senior Care

Too often, the elderly live forgotten in depressing conditions. The mind of a five-year-old might be exactly what elder care needs. What about a facility designed by Disney? It's just one of the creative solutions popping up around the world, proving that engaging, personalized environments improve quality of life, health and longevity for seniors.
11/25/2016 07:59 EST
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Can VR Help Us Develop Real Empathy?

Professor Jeremy Bailenson has been researching the neurological and psychological impact of virtual reality for 15 years at Stanford's Virtual Human Interaction Lab. Visual, auditory and dynamic spatial cues mimic real-life responses in the brain; he's found that the immersive quality of this technology leaves an indelible mark on users in a way that still images don't.
09/19/2016 01:28 EDT