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David Lester

Financial Expert, Managing Director at Brightworks Interactive

"I help people with their money and help banks with their people."

David Lester, Managing Director, leads Brightworks’ digital financial services team out of New York. Lester is a financial coach with over thirteen years of experience in finance, advertising and communications. He is the author of two finance books, I (Heart) Money and From Middle Class to Millionaire and writes the blog

Lester began his financial career as a banker at Merrill Lynch and later BMO Financial Group. He launched his first personal finance book, I (Heart) Money, in 2010 as a guide to living the ultimate dream lifestyle and empowering readers to turn money from something they avoid into something they love. He launched his second book, From Middle Class to Millionaire, in 2014 to address the obstacles faced by the middle class and offer tangible tips to regaining prosperity.

Merging his expertise in finance with his passion for helping people be better with thier money, Lester has worked at creative advertising agencies including Ogilvy One, Arnold and Zig Inc., and worked with global financial brands including Fidelity Investments, RBC Royal Bank, IKEA and Virgin Mobile. Most recently, he worked with Juniper Park, where he developed the digital and social media content for CIBC.
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5 Money Tips For Social People

The expectation is that social people will be the ones with zero savings, loads of debt on BMWs and flashy condos that are rented. None of that has to be true! Buying trendy lofts in the "up and coming" areas of the city, budgeting for partying, automating RRSP contributions, and using your ah-mazing charm and whit can get you ahead in a lucrative career. Popular people can be financially savvy too!
08/31/2016 09:05 EDT
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5 Ways To Put The Passion Back In Your Business

After working on your own business for a few years it's really easy to forget why you got into it in the first place. Years of working all hours, having to pass on dinners out with friends or family time, and always being "on" it's easy to lose some of your momentum. It's time to get back the passion you once had for your work.
06/27/2016 01:27 EDT
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Make Additional Income From Your Interests

Which one of your interests can you turn into income? Make a plan. Develop a website. Promote it on all of the social media outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can even build audiences with the help of Facebook ads. Build up your community of followers and then sell them services that their followers will love!
06/08/2016 04:02 EDT
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How To Avoid "FOMO" When Buying A New Home

Many people are rushing into the housing market due to FOMO (Fear of missing out) and there could be some BIG consequences when interest rates go up. There is a good news bad news scenario to buying right now and everyone in the housing market needs to know what to expect. Before you rush in, here is the good and the bad to buying right now.
04/19/2016 11:48 EDT
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How Starving Artists Can Create A Stable Income

All the tips on budgeting are based on people who get paid on a regular schedule, but if you're an actor, musician, etc., you'll get a chunk of change all at one time and then often have a dry spell. It's so easy to blow through the money that you get paid and then have nothing left for the few months that you're waiting for that next gig.
03/31/2016 04:17 EDT