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David Martin


David Martin is a lawyer by training and a retired federal public servant. He is now a full-time writer of short humour and political satire whose work can be found at Dave has been writing op-ed pieces and humorous essays for more than 25 years and his work has appeared on the op-ed pages of most major North American daily newspapers. He is also the author of My Friend W, a collection of his political satire published in 2005 by Arriviste Press, Dare to be Average, a collection of his humour pieces published in 2010 by and Screams & Whispers, a collection of his humour pieces published in 2013 by CreateSpace. His most recent collection of political satire is entitled King Donald I and is available on and

The Cabinet Shuffle of My Dreams (Now With New Portfolios!)

Stephen Harper has finally shuffled his cabinet but if his aim was to turn the page on a year full of scandals, it looks like he failed by simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. A better bet would have been to take the lemons he'd been handed and make himself a batch of cabinet lemonade with courageous appointments like these.
07/15/2013 05:14 EDT

Slavery: America's Economic Salvation

Today's economic situation in the United States is distressing. Despite Washington's best efforts, the nation's rate of unemployment continues to hover around eight per cent with millions more uncount...
07/12/2013 05:04 EDT

Heaven and Angels: What's Ailing America

Three of the top ten books in a recent New York Times nonfiction paperback best sellers list included the word "heaven" in the title: "Proof of Heaven", "Waking Up in Heaven" and "Heaven is for Real."...
07/08/2013 05:02 EDT

Confessions of a Scanaholic

Hi. My name is Dave and I'm a scanaholic. Like most addicts, my illness started innocently enough. One day after going through the grocery checkout line, I happened to look at my receipt and noticed that I had been overcharged for a sale-priced jar of peanut butter.
07/04/2013 12:34 EDT

Fly ToryAir

Today's weather in Ottawa is unsettled with continuing opposition high pressure disturbances still causing problems in the Senate, the House, the Prime Minister's Office, and the Tory caucus. Visibility is severely restricted and hindsight is nonexistent. Our moral compass is on an indeterminate setting.
06/23/2013 11:30 EDT