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Davide Mastracci

Toronto-based freelance journalist

Davide Mastracci is a freelance journalist based in Toronto. His work has appeared in various publications, including Al JazeeraViceBuzzFeed, the National PostThe Globe and MailThe WalrusMaisonneuve, and Canadaland. You can read more of his work at
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Why I'm Keeping the Name You Can't Pronounce

My Italian name (Davide) is impossible to pronounce for 95 per cent of the people I meet. The difference a single vowel can make is incredible, because I know that if you take away that "e", life would become a lot easier for me. But no one should have to feel as though they need to alter their name to fit in.
11/09/2012 05:51 EST

Obama's Foreign Policy: Not so Progressive

In a couple of days, the American populace will elect the next President. Numerous self-identified "progressive" voters have endorsed the Obama campaign, stating that while Barack Obama is certainly not perfect, he is far better than Mitt Romney. However, one of the major areas that have been largely ignored is Obama's foreign policy record in the Middle East.
11/05/2012 05:44 EST