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Jason Tetro

Microbiology, Health & Hygiene Expert

Since he was a teenager, Jason Tetro has called the laboratory his second home. His experience in microbiology and immunology has taken him into several fields including bloodborne, food and water pathogens; environmental microbiology; disinfection and antisepsis; and emerging pathogens such as SARS, avian flu, and Zika virus. He currently is a visiting scientist at the University of Guelph.

In the public, Jason is better known as The Germ Guy, and regularly offers his at times unconventional perspective on science in the media. Jason has written two books, The Germ Code, which was shortlisted as Science Book of The Year (2014) and The Germ Files, which spent several weeks on the national bestseller list. He has also co-edited, The Human Microbiome Handbook, which provides an academic perspective on the impact of microbes in human health. He lives in Toronto.
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What's The Best Way To Deal With West Nile Virus?

There are many welcome hallmarks to summer, such as the longer days and pleasant temperatures. Yet, summer also brings unwanted risks like damaging storms, oppressive heat waves, forest fires, and drought. One of the least favoured recurrences is the rise in mosquito populations and the potential for West Nile Virus infection.
08/15/2016 12:53 EDT
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It's Official! Gargling With Salt Water Actually Works

Although most people believe this is an effective way to maintain oral health, particularly when gums are injured, there has been an absence of actual evidence to suggest this does anything other than offer a brief sensation of relief (which admittedly may be enough). But last week, science finally caught up with grandma.
07/29/2016 04:27 EDT
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Antibiotics Are Probably Not An Option To Combat Obesity

At first glance, obesity may appear to be an easy problem to resolve. After all, most people may believe the answer lies in eating fewer calories and exercising more. While these are definitely helpful, obesity is an incredibly complex issue, and involves a number of factors ranging from genetics to socioeconomic status. So can antibiotics help?
07/25/2016 01:09 EDT
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Nanoparticles May One Day Replace Antibiotics

The mere mention of nanotechnology may raise eyebrows. Yet worries should not be based on size but molecular composition instead. If a particle is made from plastic or heavy metals, concern is definitely valid. However, polylactic acid nanoparticles are biodegradable, making them perfect for use both in the environment and also in the body.
07/18/2016 11:56 EDT
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On July 9th, Celebrate Health The Nunavummiut Way

Though Canada Day has come and gone, there's still a good reason to keep the good feelings alive. On July 9th, Nunavut will be celebrating its 23rd birthday and the rest of our country is invited to join in the festivities. Not only will it mark a special day for our youngest territory, but it will also laud the people who have lived the longest in this great land.
07/04/2016 06:44 EDT

Meet The Molecule That Supercharges Cancer-Killing Viruses

Since the turn of the millennium, the fight against cancer has seen significant progress in all areas of treatment. One of the most promising routes happens to be through a process known as oncolytic virotherapy, or simply OV. The term may be a mouthful but the process at its core is incredibly simple and effective.
06/06/2016 10:17 EDT
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Planting A Natural Way To Clean Indoor Air

Although we may gain a sense of comfort from being indoors, the act of being separated from the external environment may come with a cost in the form on air pollution. Without proper ventilation, the indoor world can become a rather toxic place due to several chemical and biological factors.
04/11/2016 11:57 EDT