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John Izzo

Author of Stepping Up & Corporate Advisor on sustainable workplaces

Thought-provoking and best-selling author Dr. John Izzo has devoted his life and career to working with thousands of leaders, professionals and front-line employees to foster workplaces of excellence, purpose, learning and renewal.

Izzo is the author of over 150 articles and three professional development books. His international best-seller, Awakening Corporate Soul, has been acclaimed as one of the first books in 1996 on Leadership Spirituality; Values Shift: The New Work Ethic is a number one best-selling book on Leadership Values and Integrity; and his 2004 bestseller, Second Innocence, has been heralded by many as "a true midlife journey". His most recent book, The Five Secrets You Must Discover before You Die takes the reader on a heart-warming and profound journey to find lasting happiness. This book will make you laugh, bring you to tears, and inspire you to discover what matters long before you die.

Izzo has travelled around the world researching, advising and speaking on issues related to workforce trends, positive corporate cultures, professional work-life balance, creating change and connecting with like-minded leaders. He has presented at numerous conferences in the UK, South America, North America and the Former Soviet Union. Annually he contributes to the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership's Convocation, and is a former speaker with Wyncom's Lesson's in Leadership 'distinguished expert series'. A frequent contributor to Canada's The Globe and Mail, his research and opinions have been featured in various media, including Fast Company, CNN, Canada AM, CBC Radio, ABC World News, The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. The Biography Channel recently aired a five part series titled "The Five Things You Must Discover before You Die" – featuring five one hour segments featuring Dr. Izzo.

Izzo challenges audiences to rediscover their values, reflect upon their power to influence positive change, and reconnect with their personal and professional vision. In every program he inspires the audience to greater vision, challenges them with new insights, and leaves them with practical things they can do to create the organization of the future.

Dr. John Izzo is represented by Speakers' Spotlight:
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The VW Scandal Is a Wake Up Call for Every Company

Companies getting put over the coals for false claims are becoming ever more commonplace. But this is a wake-up call for any company making good or green claims that are not in fact true or represent partial truth. It also means that trust in corporate communication is likely to go lower than it already is making the job of corporate communicators even tougher.
10/15/2015 08:37 EDT
artJazz via Getty Images

Focus on the Benefits of Combating Climate Change

Almost all of our communication about climate change and sustainability is about how bad things are going to get if we don't change our ways -- floods, droughts, crop failures, coastal cities underwater and so on. All the evidence of how we are screwing things up can overload people, but when they see a new world arriving that might be better than the old one, they get excited.
10/06/2015 05:33 EDT

Why a Popular Pope Is Willing to Be Unpopular

The visit of Pope Francis to the United States and his unprecedented address to the U.S. Congress and the United Nations in the same week is making headlines everywhere and ruffling some feathers too. Around the world people of all faiths simply love this guy and maybe what we love about him most is that unlike most leaders, he is willing to challenge us even if we don't like the message.
10/01/2015 12:30 EDT

Remembering Dr. Robert Schuller

Dr. Robert Schuller died this past week at the age of 88 of esophageal cancer. Schuller was best known for being the first "televangelist" whose weekly church service titled The Hour of Power was watched by 20-million people per week in a time when getting that many people to watch anything was a remarkable feat.
04/07/2015 05:41 EDT

Is Your Company Social Responsible?

I believe the only large successful companies of the future will be those perceived as "net positive." By that I mean organizations that add more value to the world than they extract. Given the curren...
01/20/2015 05:02 EST

How To Change Your Behaviour For the Greater Good

Have you ever made yourself a promise to change a behavior but failed to follow through? Maybe you said you were going to exercise more or eat better, but despite your good intentions you failed to ac...
12/03/2014 04:59 EST

Democracy 2.0: The Only Digital-First Political Party

A group of software technologists in Buenos Aires, Argentina are playing on the edge of the future of democracy and it may have real implications for countries like the USA and Canada. The Net Party will run their first field of candidates for the legislature in the city and to run as a candidate for the party you must commit that you will vote, each and every time, based on the will of the people as expressed via the internet.
08/20/2013 05:22 EDT

The Luckiest Generation: Adjusting the Boomer Legacy

This is THE moment for my generation -- the baby boomers. We will either be known as the luckiest generation or we will be known as the wisest generation who chose, before they died, to solve the biggest problems that humanity ever faced.
02/16/2013 09:35 EST

Five Ways to Master the Power of NO

Overworked, overwhelmed and stressed? If you're like most of us you can relate. And nowhere is this felt more than in the workplace. The key is to add value, not volume. Whether it is for us as individuals or for the company as a whole, we need to get as good at stopping things as we are at taking things on.
09/12/2012 05:04 EDT

Romney and Harper Fiddle as Earth Burns

While evidence mounts that climate change and sustainability may be the security issue of our generation, both Romney and Canadian Prime Minister Harper seem completely unaware that it even matters. Ironically, Romney like Harper, is out of sync not only with the scientists but even with major corporations and the Pentagon.
09/05/2012 03:49 EDT

Success Follows Happiness, Not the Other Way Around

Did you know you can actually train yourself to be happy? Happy and fully engaged leaders are important in the workplace, but it's just as vital for them to help their team learn how to get engaged with their own work. In this competitive, ever-changing and highly demanding business environment, more personal happiness might just be the big competitive advantage you've been looking for.
08/03/2012 07:45 EDT

Air Canada Flies on Cooking Oil

Air Canada has recently announced the "greenest flight" in the history of the airline. The flight operated between Toronto and Mexico City on June 18 when an Airbus 319 filled with passengers flew with a 50/50 mixture of normal jet fuel and bio-fuel made from recycled cooking oil. While this news was obviously a savvy marketing move for Air Canada, it also said a great deal about what must be done to achieve sustainability in our lifetime.
07/10/2012 05:52 EDT

Take the Happiness Challenge With These Six Tips

Why are some people happy while others seem miserable? This isn't an easy answer since there are many factors that determine our happiness, but the good news is that anyone can train themselves for happiness by consciously choosing it. And when you're happier, it has a positive effect on your health and well-being. Here are six habits to foster everyday happiness:
06/28/2012 05:16 EDT

At Rio+20, Canada Is a Zero, Not a Hero

In Rio, Canada worked pretty hard to make sure no binding agreement on tackling overfishing occurred...or any other agreement for that matter. We can't look to our politicians to help the Earth, but we can look to ourselves. Local efforts from businesses and cities: These are things we can count on.
06/22/2012 05:39 EDT

Plastic Bags Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

These bans are a positive and necessary step and they do raise awareness, but the overuse of plastic is just a symbol of a larger issue. We use disposable things without thinking about the consequences. Maybe one reason we resist the idea of banning plastic bags is because somehow we know it's just the tip of the iceberg.
06/15/2012 05:07 EDT

Sustainability -- It's Not Just the Planet That's Burning Out

Sustainability doesn't only apply to business practices and our communities -- we need to be mindful of how it plays out in our personal lives as well, especially in the workplace. Burnout and overwork in corporate life have become so commonplace now that we just accept it as a permanent state of affairs.
06/01/2012 05:05 EDT