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Kendra Milne


Kendra Milne is a social justice lawyer in Vancouver, B.C.. She completed a BSc and an LLB at the University of Victoria prior to joining the Community Legal Assistance Society as a staff lawyer in 2008. Kendra’s work at CLAS is exclusively focused on law and policy issues related to low income housing and income security, with a focus on removing barriers that disadvantage people with disabilities and those living in poverty.
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B.C. Tenants Face Inadequate Appeal Process

There are hundreds of thousands of tenants in B.C. and dozens of them face eviction every day for highly sympathetic reasons. Their income is interrupted so they can't pay rent; their housing subsidy is cut off; their landlord decides it needs them out in order to do renovations. Tenants facing eviction should not all be tarred by the same brush.
01/25/2013 12:53 EST