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Lisa Yeung

Managing Editor, Lifestyle, HuffPost Canada. 

Lisa Yeung is the managing editor of HuffPost Canada's lifestyle verticals. A digital native since 1999, she was part of the launch team that brought HuffPost to Canada in 2011. 

The Pride Flag: What Do The Rainbow Colours Mean?

June is Pride month, and multitudes of rainbow flags can be found flying in cities around the world as LGBTQ communities celebrate their history, love, triumphs and revolutions. What do the colours of the flag mean? Watch this video on the history of the iconic symbol and its significance as the fight for safety and equal human rights for LGBTQ people continues globally.
06/24/2017 23:52 EDT

#BeenRapedNeverReported: What Happens Now? You Told Us

"Believe them, do not question their story, do not pressure or guilt trip them to report. It is not the victim's job to put a rapist in jail, they don't need that added stress and pressure on top of the terrible things already done to them, coming forward and telling someone is difficult enough. it is the rapist's job NOT TO RAPE. Teach young men and women how to respect boundaries and speak out against violent sexual behaviours."
11/09/2014 01:48 EST
Jean-Christophe Comtois, Facebook

What They Teach You In Culinary School

Ever wonder what it would be like to up and leave your life as you know it and become a famous chef? Abandon your mundane everyday routine to toil your way to the top in pressure-cooker kitchens run by explosive geniuses prone to tossing your hard work in the trash at the mere hint of imperfection? Sounds dangerous and exciting, but who really wants to take the leap?
03/10/2013 11:06 EDT

Cesar Millan Teaches Me How To Trust My Instincts

I'm about to interview Cesar Millan and I'm dead nervous. Nervous that he's going to sense through the phone that I don't have a dog. And have never owned one before. He is the Dog Whisperer, after all.
11/26/2012 05:06 EST
Flickr: luked

The Evolution Of The Baseball Stadium

Remember when baseball stadiums weren’t named after their corporate sponsors? How quaint! As more and more teams move to more modern (and dare we say corporate) venues, we take a look back at some epi...
10/30/2012 12:35 EDT