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Maureen (Mo) Hagan

Physiotherapist; Award-winning group fitness instructor; VP of Fitness Innovation and Development at GoodLife Fitness and canfitpro

Maureen (Mo) Hagan is licensed physiotherapist, director of education for canfitpro, a vice president at GoodLife Fitness, author, and an international award-winning group fitness instructor and program director
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Top 10 Most Effective Fitness Trends to Try in 2015

Rather than identifying trends that were going to be popular in 2015, canfitpro reviewed the almost 2,000 responses to determine what is predicted to make the biggest positive impact on the health and fitness of Canadians. Take a look at the full list of health and fitness trends that are going to improve the health of Canadians in the upcoming year.
12/31/2014 01:12 EST