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Osman Shah

Pakistani-Canadian. IR Enthusiast. Cultural Critic. Muslim Feminist. Origami Artist. PhD Escapee.

Osman Shah holds a Master of Arts in Political Science with a focus on International Relations. After escaping from a PhD in the same topics, he decided to create his own path and write about his experiences. As a Pakistani-Canadian, he is interested in human rights and minority issues, the construct of identity and the role of religion and the media in politics and society.
Lyle Stafford / Reuters

Is Canada's Multicultural Identity Only Skin-Deep?

Can we say we are a multicultural society if we're unable to fundamentally accept its most basic concept: tolerance of other cultures and religions? Why is there a discrepancy between the support many Canadians show to multiculturalism -- and who often feverishly argue is the basis of Canadian identity -- and combating Islamophobia? If we're (arguably) a multicultural society then why are we also not an anti-Islamophobia society?
03/23/2017 03:44 EDT