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Ryan Maloney

Senior Politics Editor, HuffPost Canada

Ryan Maloney is the senior politics editor at HuffPost Canada. A graduate of Western University's journalism program, he previously worked at Yahoo! Canada.

Ryan won a Canadian Association of Journalists award for best text feature in 2013 and his work has been nominated for several other journalism awards.

Raised in Port Colborne, Ont., Ryan now lives in Toronto with the world's best French bulldog, Murphy.
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Gord Downie Has Given My Life A Soundtrack

I didn't want to think about a Canada without Gord Downie. So when the texts and emails rolled in, I reverted to pragmatism. I thought instead about the band's last tour and how difficult it will be to snag tickets. I told co-workers that The Tragically Hip are magic in concert.
05/24/2016 01:37 EDT

No, Mr. Mulcair, The PM Doesn't Need To Call Trump A Fascist

Let's imagine the prime minister went for it. Let's imagine he called Trump a fascist and urged U.S. Republicans to disown him, to shut down the circus. The story would make a much bigger splash than that photo of Trudeau striking a yoga pose on a desk shot in 2011 and inexplicably inescapable this week.
03/31/2016 03:38 EDT