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What's In My Food? A Guide To The Ingredients List

The ingredients list on a food label is required by Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to be listed on most packaged Canadian food products that contain more than one ingredient. Understanding the ingredients list can help you look for specific ingredients that you want or don't want because of allergy or intolerance, compare products, and make healthier food choices.
01/19/2017 06:20 EST
Martin Barraud

Step Off The See-Saw Of Guilt-Inducing New Year's Resolutions

There's a downside to these types of lofty resolutions - they simply don't work. These goals are often drastic and leave little room for compromise. They are often all-or-nothing plans that set people up for failure, and once you fall off the wagon, so to speak, you can't help but feel discouraged.
01/06/2017 05:23 EST
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Is Holiday Anxiety Normal?

For many people, the holidays bring a lot of joy and excitement but also a lot of pressure, stress and anxiety. So the real question is whether it is "normal" stress, or something more concerning that should be addressed with your doctor.
12/21/2016 06:44 EST
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We Should Be Talking About Men's Mental Health

When it comes to Movember and men's health, the focus has typically been on prostate and testicular cancer. However, there is another common male medical condition that has been relatively overlooked: depression. Clinical depression is a costly and debilitating condition that affects approximately five per cent of the Canadian population in any given year, and 10 per cent of Canadians over the course of a lifetime.
12/01/2016 05:51 EST
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4 Things To Know About Norovirus

Winter is here -- and so is norovirus, the illness that can quickly spread among groups of people, shutting down schools and sending cruise ship passengers into quarantine. With the recent news of norovirus outbreaks in the GTA, it's important to understand how the virus spreads and how to protect yourself against contracting the illness. We spoke with our expert Dr. Andrew Simor, head, department of microbiology and infectious diseases consultant at Sunnybrook, to learn more.
11/29/2016 05:13 EST
Toronto Blue Jays

Detecting Prostate Cancer Early Was The Best Call I Ever Made

I have enjoyed living and working in Toronto for the past 35 years, calling Blue Jays games across our great country. But I have also enjoyed just as much sharing my story during the month of Movember in hopes of helping other men realize how valuable early detection is in fighting prostate cancer at the most treatable stages.
11/21/2016 05:08 EST
Nathalee Ewers

I Was Born Prematurely At 2 Pounds. Today, I'm Doing Great.

At the birth of their child, most parents would be elated. My mom and dad were terrified. I weighed two pounds and two ounces. My parents were shocked and confused. They didn't know babies could survive and develop well having been so small at birth. As it turns out, I was full of surprises.
11/17/2016 03:13 EST
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9 Questions About Your Prostate Answered

There is no conclusive evidence that men can prevent prostate cancer but a lot of research is being done to look at diet and physical activity as well as supplementation (for example, with vitamins). The most important thing you can do is yearly screening with a PSA test and DRE after age 50; because although we may not know the most effective ways to prevent prostate cancer now, we know that early detection is key...
11/14/2016 12:02 EST
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'Good' Cholesterol: You Can Have Too Much Of A Good Thing

In a recent study, researchers weigh-in on the conventional wisdom that supercharging your "good" cholesterol to very high levels can help reduce the risk of heart disease. What they found instead was that both low levels of the cholesterol -- known as high-density lipoprotein (HDL) - and very high levels could lead to a higher risk of death.
11/11/2016 01:08 EST

Thousands Of Flags Will Be Planted Outside Canada's Largest Veterans Centre

At Sunnybrook -- home to the country's largest veterans centre -- 30,000 flags will be planted in the ground for Remembrance Day. It's a campaign known as Operation Raise a Flag, and it's an opportunity for Canadians to show their appreciation for our country's veterans. Proceeds from the campaign will go towards the hospital's Veterans Grant a Wish Program.
11/09/2016 02:29 EST
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Advice From A Nurse: How To Cope When Your Baby's In The NICU

Your pregnancy is ticking along, but all of a sudden you find yourself delivering your baby (or babies) early. Having a premature or sick baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU, makes for an uncertain time as you and your family face a range of emotions. As an NICU nurse, my role is both holistic and family-centred, ensuring best outcomes for your baby while establishing a trusting partnership with parents and families.
10/25/2016 12:01 EDT
BSIP/UIG via Getty Images

Why Are Preteens Offered The HPV Vaccine?

Yes, HPV is a sexually transmitted disease -- but we don't give preteens the vaccination because we think they are sexually active. In fact, the vaccine is most effective if you haven't already been exposed to the virus and that's why Ontario's program works with students in Grade 7. Evidence actually shows that most preteens aren't yet sexually active.
10/21/2016 12:13 EDT