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Is Sex Safe If You Have Heart Disease?

For people who have heart disease, have suffered a heart attack or who have an implantable heart device, resuming sexual activity can be concerning. Is sex safe, or will it increase the risk of complications or death? At a recent Sunnybrook Speaker Series event, cardiologist Dr. David Newman examined the topic and offered some sound guidance.
05/11/2016 02:27 EDT
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Zika Virus: What You Need To Know

Only about 20 per cent of people who are infected with Zika actually experience any symptoms. The rest have no idea they were ever infected with it at all... Fever, rash, nausea, joint and muscle pain, headaches and redness of the eyes are all signs of a Zika infection. The only way to know for sure, though, is by getting a blood test.
04/29/2016 04:36 EDT
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Is It Time For Your Pap Test?

I've yet to meet a women who doesn't dread the cold speculum. But the discomfort certainly doesn't seem so bad when you consider a Pap screening test -- where a doctor collects cells from the inner part of your cervix -- is the only way to find early cell changes that might lead to cervical cancer.
04/28/2016 01:00 EDT
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Get Some Sleep For Your Heart And Brain

Everyone knows humans need sleep. Adults need on average just under eight hours of sleep per night for good brain function (although this varies from person to person, with some needing as little as 6.5 hours and some needing as many as 10). To find out why sleep is so important, I talked to Dr. Andrew Lim, neurologist.
03/04/2016 04:15 EST
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Show Your Heart A Little Love

February is Heart Month. Let's show our hearts a little love. Do something healthy for your heart. What do you want to do to love your heart? Cut down on alcohol? Train for that couch-to-5K? Walk to school once a week with your kids? Make a pledge and share it with your family and friends so they can support you in your effort.
02/19/2016 02:56 EST

What's A Legume And Why Should I Eat It?

Legumes are high in fibre. Meat is not. Fibre helps lower cholesterol, which is helpful in the prevention of heart disease. Fibre also helps us have regular bowel movements, and helps control blood sugar levels and blood pressure, and keeps you feeling full for longer.
02/08/2016 06:22 EST