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Tim Knight

Writer, Comunications Coach, Broadcast Journalism Trainer, Filmmaker

As a British-Canadian, I’m expected to be self-deprecating, unpretentious, even modest.

Read my regular media column, WATCHING THE WATCHDOG, here on Huffington Post Canada however, and you’ll find that I exhibit few of those virtues when it comes to my skills as a writer, communications coach and broadcast journalism trainer.

What you’ll find instead is that I’m a first class writer who's also one of the best communications coaches and broadcast journalism trainers around.

I know my stuff.

AS A WRITER, I can handle just about any style (except jargon, bafflegab and bureaucratese) and any subject (except quantum mathematics and how Xi Jinping became General Secretary of the Communist Party of China). 

I specialize in storytelling. In writing with clarity, intelligence, verve and even wit. In taking the complex and making it simple. In clarifying information and bringing understanding.

AS A COMMUNICATIONS COACH, I can help you write better, sharper, more effective papers and speeches and deliver those speeches convincingly, with panache confidence and conviction.

AS A BROADCAST JOURNALISM TRAINER, I’ve worked with thousands of broadcast journalists in hundreds of workshops in a dozen countries. I have no doubt I can seriously polish your storytelling, writing, performing and interviewing skills.

All at very reasonable prices.

In fact, I’m so confident that I can help make you a better writer, speechmaker, interviewee or broadcast journalist that I offer this GUARANTEE: if you’re not entirely satisfied, I’ll refund half your fee — as long as you buy the beer afterwards.

So refresh your skills. Have an experienced, discreet eye and ear check out what you’re doing and help you do it a lot better.

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SPECIALTIES: Coaching in storytelling, writing, interviewing, performing for broadcast journalists and anyone who wants to write, make speeches or be interviewed professionally. Documentary producing, directing, writing, narrating, story editing.
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Watching the Watchdog: TV News Is a (White) Man's World

What the hell has happened to Canadian journalists? In Canada, one of the world's most multicultural nations, our main media are controlled by a tiny group of almost entirely white newsroom decision makers who live in a world cut off from ordinary people like you and me. One result of this is that they produce journalism for each other.
06/14/2012 05:34 EDT

Watching the Watchdog: I Went on Sun TV With My Dukes Up...

Far-right Sun TV invited me to debate "whether or not Canada's main stream media has a left-leaning bias." Then warning flags went up. What if they wanted to tar and feather me for some of the nasty things I've written about them? Or for being soft on the CBC? Or less-than-reverent to the Queen? I accepted.
06/11/2012 03:45 EDT

Peter Jennings: Lady Killer, Ace Journalist and Friend

Thursday, the Canadian Journalism Foundation presents its Excellence in Journalism awards. The main event will be a tribute to the late, great, Canadian T.V. journalist Peter Jennings. Peter was one of the most eligible bachelors in America. Suave, witty, polite, urbane, and elegant, but in an unthreatening Canadian sort of way. There was, of course, a lot more to him than his legendary love life.
06/07/2012 07:37 EDT
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Part 6: Queen Elizabeth, Defender of the Faith

In Britain, the title means she defends her Church of England. But since none of her 15 other realms has a state religion, it's conveniently interpreted -- by those nations like Canada that still use the title in reference to her -- as meaning she defends freedom of religion and faith in some Supreme Power.
06/03/2012 10:15 EDT

Part 4: Queen Elizabeth, Canada's Chief Watchdog

At the 2010 Canada Day festivities on Parliament Hill, Elizabeth started her speech by addressing the 100,000-strong audience as "fellow Canadians..." She's custodian of the Canadian Crown's democratic powers and represents the "power of the people above government and political parties." Which makes her our chief watchdog -- if mostly absent and toothless.
06/01/2012 08:48 EDT

Part 5: Can the Commonwealth Survive Without the Queen?

The Queen has not been particularly successful at keeping her realms and territories together -- inheriting 32, but now reigning over only half that many. It's entirely possible that the Commonwealth is no longer particularly relevant to the modern world and will slowly fade away into history.
06/01/2012 05:16 EDT

Part 3: Who Is Queen Elizabeth?

Recent polls show four out of five Britons respect her, support her and want their country to remain a monarchy. To many, she's one of the last living symbols of British wartime valour, and the embodiment of the nation's resolute defiance of German bombers during the Blitz.
05/30/2012 09:12 EDT

Part 2: Queen Elizabeth, Out of Touch

Queen Elizabeth grew up pampered, coddled, confident, regal and very aware of her royal blood. When she enters the room everyone stands. Men bow, women curtsey and the band plays her very own song, "God Save The Queen." All her life she's lived in a fantasyland -- a prisoner of her wealth.
05/29/2012 05:58 EDT

Part1: The Two Faces of Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor is 86 years old and celebrates her Diamond Jubilee as Queen of Canada and 15 other countries this weekend. She is, by most accounts, actually two different and distinct people. Generations of journalists have followed her every move, written endless Elizabethan stories since before she was conceived, much less born. But she's never once been interviewed.
05/28/2012 05:37 EDT

Watching the Watchdog: Celebrating HuffPost's Birthday

HuffCanada's place is exactly what I expect. Lots of bright young men and women who come straight from whatever society pages bright young people inhabit these days. More beautiful people than I can remember at any recent event I've been to. Although to be truthful, most of the gatherings I'm invited to are filled with dour, everything's-going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket-these-days journalists of a certain age.
05/24/2012 12:00 EDT

Watching the Watchdog: The Media's Shameful Royal Addiction

Of course, nothing happens that hasn't happened to British royals a thousand times before. So, if there's nothing new and there are all these restrictions to prevent anything vaguely journalistic happening, why on earth do journalists flock to cover such events?
05/23/2012 09:33 EDT

Tim Knight's Watching the Watchdog: Journalists Are Killing Journalism

Today, graduates of journalism school see the profession as just that: a job. A paycheque. A security. They do what they're told to do. They're not journalists; they're employees. They don't buck the corporate system. They're part of it. Newsrooms are turning into mere offices.
05/17/2012 08:16 EDT

Watching the Watchdog: Journalism's Complicit Role in Sexual Abuse

Last Sunday came yet another T.V. documentary detailing alleged abuse of young boys by Roman Catholic priests. As a journalist I investigated all sorts of stories about abuse of power. But, to my shame, it never occurred to me to investigate those rumours I'd heard so many years before about sexual abuse and the Catholic church in Newfoundland and Labrador.
05/14/2012 05:38 EDT

Watching the Watchdog: Quit Complaining, CBC, and Prove Your Worth

I went to the Toronto Star's vapid "Whither the CBC" discussion this week. Apparently, the corporation's enemies are right-wing conservatives who ask "Why should CBC get more than $1-billion a year in public money?" Unfortunately, in 2012, it's a valid question, not entirely based on politics and/or greed.
05/03/2012 02:05 EDT

Watching the Watchdog: Is Huffpost Killing Democracy?

A former CBC colleague-turned-journalism professor very politely questions the ethics of my writing this column for HuffPost. Surely, he suggests delicately, the internet in general -- and aggregators like HuffPost in particular -- are killing traditional mainstream, general-interest journalism. And, in the process, seriously damaging democracy. My reply...?
04/26/2012 04:54 EDT

Watching the Watchdog: Daily Planet Still Fails to Thrill

Each of the stories is doubtless scientifically sound, but seldom do any of them inspire the kind of interest and anticipation which makes a viewer hang in (postpone the beer or bathroom break) to find out how it all turns out.
04/24/2012 07:51 EDT

Watching the Watchdog: Decline and Fall of Eyewitness News

Back in the 70s, I was a reporter for WABC-TV, New York when we started an early evening news program called Eyewitness News. It was a time of ponderous, pompous, patronizing, local news fronted by distant, ultra-serious "voice of God" anchors. Eyewitness News changed all that.
04/19/2012 07:47 EDT

Watching the Watchdog: Why People Don't Trust Journalists

At a recent gathering of longtime journalists, the talk got around to how journalists were ranked way down there in public esteem with lawyers and politicians. A colleague claimed that's because our fellow citizens don't understand what we do. "Bullshit," growled the oldest member.
04/16/2012 03:27 EDT