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Warren Kinsella

(((Warren))) - lawyer, author, etc. Types for yellow rags, hollers on-air. Not profound. Enjoys a good scrap.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Comey Hearing Is What A Functioning, Adult Democracy Looks Like

These myriad committee hearings - whether they be here, in the U.S., at the level of an obscure Commons committee or an extraordinary Senate Intelligence Committee prying back the lid on Donald Trump's corrupt administration - are good for democracy. They may look democracy look bad, in the short term. Sure. But, in the long term, they improve it, too.
06/13/2017 10:04 EDT
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Donald Trump Can Be Saved From Himself

They want him gone: impeached, indicted, imprisoned. Whatever it takes. But for the foreseeable future, we are stuck with Trump, and he with us. It may therefore seem like a rhetorical (or wholly unwanted) question, but it needs to be asked: can Trump be saved? Can he be rehabilitated?
06/06/2017 10:47 EDT
shakzu via Getty Images

How Long Will Trump Voters Stand By Their Man?

Donald Trump is a liar, a criminal, and a danger to all of us. Everyone who is sane knows that. He attacks press freedom. He has used the undocumented workers he maligns. He lies about his wealth, which is why he doesn't release his tax returns. He hires anti-Semites. He steals. He discriminates against blacks in housing.
05/15/2017 12:22 EDT
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Dear Kevin O'Leary, You Won't Be Missed

At least Michael Ignatieff moved back here. You know what I mean, Mr. Disembark Tank. You're Just Leaving. As expected. As planned. As such, I was going to wish you the best in packing for the return to Boston -- but we both you know you never really unpacked, did you?
05/02/2017 11:17 EDT