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Donald Trump Can Be Saved From Himself

They want him gone: impeached, indicted, imprisoned. Whatever it takes. But for the foreseeable future, we are stuck with Trump, and he with us. It may therefore seem like a rhetorical (or wholly unwanted) question, but it needs to be asked: can Trump be saved? Can he be rehabilitated?
06/06/2017 10:47 EDT
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How Long Will Trump Voters Stand By Their Man?

Donald Trump is a liar, a criminal, and a danger to all of us. Everyone who is sane knows that. He attacks press freedom. He has used the undocumented workers he maligns. He lies about his wealth, which is why he doesn't release his tax returns. He hires anti-Semites. He steals. He discriminates against blacks in housing.
05/15/2017 12:22 EDT
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Dear Kevin O'Leary, You Won't Be Missed

At least Michael Ignatieff moved back here. You know what I mean, Mr. Disembark Tank. You're Just Leaving. As expected. As planned. As such, I was going to wish you the best in packing for the return to Boston -- but we both you know you never really unpacked, did you?
05/02/2017 11:17 EDT

Projecting Economic Competence Never Was B.C. NDP's Strong Suit

In election after election, the B.C. NDP either get their projections wrong - or they abandon their economic promises, mid-writ. Either way, it does not engender confidence. Tommy Douglas, among others, would not be impressed. Even a New Democrat, he believed, needs to able to say how he or she will pay the bills.
04/20/2017 04:25 EDT
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Campaigns Don't Matter. Words Do

Trump was a political seismic event in many ways, of course. Trump shattered the Western liberal democratic consensus in respect of trade, immigrants, refugees, security and race. He upended every convention. He also showed everyone, in a yuge way, that campaigns now don't matter much at all.
03/21/2017 09:56 EDT
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Don't Take Any Civics Lesson From The BC NDP

Are the BC NDP full of crap? Yeah, sort of, they are. They've gone bananas about the fact that Elections BC is asking the governing party about fundraising stuff. What they're not telling anyone is that they're being asked, too. And John Horgan's crew aren't enthusiastic about anyone probing BC NDP fundraising practices. There's a history, you see.
03/10/2017 09:20 EST