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Kate Beckinsale: Unlikely Action Star

| Posted 08.02.2012 | Moviefone Canada

Back in the '90s, if someone told me that Kate Beckinsale would go on to become the ass-kicking star of action flicks like Underworld and Whiteout, I probably would have thought they were off their rockers.

Can Andy Samberg Pull Off Serious?

| Posted 08.09.2012 | Moviefone Canada

I was somewhat surprised to see Samberg co-starring in the Sundance darling Celeste and Jesse Forever, about a young couple trying to remain friends throughout a divorce. I love me some Samberg, but I couldn't really picture him tackling the dramatic scenes such a concept would surely require.

2 Days in New York: When Families Humiliate In Movies

| Posted 08.17.2012 | Moviefone Canada

While the crazy family is undoubtedly entertaining, the overall plot of 2 Days in New York doesn't quite mesh and runs on a bit long -- but the flick got me thinking about other embarrassing movie relatives.

'SugarStars': 10 Deliciously Fun Facts About Sweet Foodie Show

Posted 08.24.2012 | TV

If you've ever wondered how to make a mouth-watering keyboard or an edible crime scene, then "SugarStars" is the show for you. Of course, there's a...

'Intervention Canada' Season 2: Things Get (Even More) Serious

Posted 08.24.2012 | TV

Anyone suffering from "Intervention" withdrawal is about to get a fix: "Intervention Canada" is returning to Slice for Season 2. The Canadian vers...

'For A Good Time, Call': 10 Fun Facts About The Female Buddy Comedy

Posted 08.30.2012 | Moviefone Canada

Who says buddy comedies are only for guys? The new flick "For a Good Time Call" follows two girls, Lauren and Katie, who hate each other but begru...

Historical (Movie) Figures Gone Wild

| Posted 08.30.2012 | Moviefone Canada

With this recent spate of movies taking generous liberties with historical figures, I felt it was about time to throw my own crazy ideas into the mix. Because, really, why not? Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is already out there. How much more ridiculous could it get?

'Ex-Wives of Rock': Hello, Guilty Pleasure

| Posted 08.30.2012 | TV

As an ardent fan of fine programming such as "Rock of Love," "Rock of Love Bus" and "Married to Rock," I was more than a little excited about watching the first episode of the latest addition to the rock slut canon, "Ex-Wives of Rock."