Entries by Colin & Justin from 01/2014

What the Colour of Your Room Can Do for Your Psyche

| Posted 01.05.2014 | Canada Style

What's your favourite colour? Red? Green? Pink? Well, if certain academics are to be believed, you're already predisposed, from the moment of conception, to enjoying particular tones. Genetic programming aside, here's a peek at what colour can actually do for your psyche and some advice, to boot, on how to use colour to get the best from your environment.

Who Better to Design a Man-Cave Than the Man Himself?

| Posted 01.13.2014 | Canada Style

Colin and Justin cast a queer eye for the straight guy by encouraging Canadian dudes to make design decisions and create the perfect man cave. Every dude, regardless of station, needs a special place unto which he -- YOU -- can retreat. Whether somewhere to disappear in solitude, or a sharing place to watch hockey, doesn't every super hero need a secret lair?

Room Design With a Theme in Mind? Don't Go Overboard

| Posted 01.23.2014 | Canada Style

It's all very well being inspired by Thailand and adding Asian influences via sand-coloured walls (rather than actual sand on the floor) or adding medieval tapestry cushions (rather than create a Robin Hood fortress) but you have to ensure you don't go too far.