Entries by Conrad Black from 08/2012

Gore Vidal Was a Miserable, Hackneyed Lunatic & for That I Salute Him

| Posted 08.07.2012 | Canada

Gore Vidal candidly disliked or hated almost everyone and despised almost all conventional activity and was ambivalent about the rest. He did not seek or appreciate normal civilized human relationships and would, I am confident, welcome these comments as a remembrance from me. Where he did attain a certain distinction was in this seamless and uninterrupted insistence on being unrelievedly obnoxious. In his perversity he did become almost majestic, and so I salute him.

Egypt, You've Seen This Movie Before and it Doesn't Turn Out Well

| Posted 08.22.2012 | Canada Politics

Ransacking the Israeli embassy with the mobs looking on is good fun; moving anti-missile defenses and tanks into Sinai, contrary to the peace agreement with Israel, is a good promenade, but throwing the gloves down and mixing it up with the Israelis would be an insane and catastrophic error. A rematch now would not only be a mano-a-mano fought by Egypt with sullen and reluctant forces, defeat would mean the complete disappearance of that country as a contestant for Arab leadership.