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Pauline Marois Is More Quebec's Prisoner Than its Leader

| Posted 09.06.2012 | Canada Politics

The brilliance of the result of the Quebec election is in the rejection of the government without any real endorsement of the Parti Quebecois or its program. The apparent, emergent premier, the desperately unimpressive Pauline Marois, a bag lady where some distinguished statesmen have preceded her, is, politically speaking, a prisoner in her own body. The PQ barely squeezed ahead of the Liberals, in votes and parliamentary strength, while fudging whether they would even hold a referendum on an ambiguous question. This is a cruel, vegetative state for Ms. Marois, a strident separatist. This brilliant election changed governments without breaking any furniture or burning any bridges.

Pauline Marois, une dirigeante prisonnière de son propre rôle

| Posted 09.06.2012 | Canada Quebec

La nature exceptionnelle des résultats de mardi dernier tient au fait que le gouvernement libéral a été défait sans que l'électorat n'appuie pour autant le Parti québécois et son programme. Par ailleurs, la CAQ a raflé juste assez de votes pour que le gouvernement tombe, mais pas assez pour s'imposer de manière permanente sur la scène politique.

Did You Hear the One About the Impotent German and His Neighbour?

| Posted 09.19.2012 | Canada

In Stuttgart, Demetrius Soulopolos, unable to impregnate his former beauty queen wife, despite what we are assured were very energetic and frequently repeated efforts, engaged their neighbour, Frank Maus, who had two children and resembled Demetrius, to do the trick for 2,500 Euros. Despite the misgivings of his wife, Maus mounted the beautiful woman 72 times in six months, but the desired result did not occur. Demetrius became disillusioned and required Frank to undergo a potency and virility test, which he flunked, as Demetrius had. Then Demetrius sued Frank for violation of the German Honest Services statute. All Germany is awaiting the court's decision.