Entries by Deborah Coyne from 11/2011

Canada's Dysfunctional Politics

| Posted 11.10.2011 | Canada Politics

OWS and other vigorous civil-society groups would seem to demonstrate that citizen disengagement from our formal political processes is not the result of a lack of interest in constructive public action on critical issues, but is, rather, a reflection of our alienation from an increasingly dysfunctional ingrown political system.

Transparency Is the Solution to Canada's Dysfunctional Government

| Posted 11.11.2011 | Canada Politics

Canadians are disengaged from political processes because Canada's political institutions and leadership are no longer accountable and responsive to their needs. This arises from the dysfunctional and opaque terms of relations between various levels of government.

Governing For The People: The Changing Role Of Political Parties And Civil Society

| Posted 11.12.2011 | Canada Politics

The old ideological divisions among Conservatives, Liberals, and New Democrats -- the old 20th century conflicts between the state and markets, big or small government -- no longer define the political landscape. Twenty-first century politics are much more idiosyncratic and dependent on character.