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Is the Harlem Shake Meme Cultural Appropriation?

| Posted 03.04.2013 | Canada

The most recent online sensation created by dimwits with access to cameras is the Harlem Shake meme. However, the name of the meme has recently become a topic of discussion and controversy for some, particularly after a group of Harlemites responded to the new Harlem Shake meme in a video released last week. Arguably, the Harlem Shake meme is a form of cultural appropriation in that it is the popular use (and misuse) of a cultural artifact to black culture by a predominantly white crowd. Most importantly, this new Harlem Shake has already began to eradicate the original Harlem Shake from popular culture online.

La double appropriation culturelle du Harlem Shake

| Posted 03.05.2013 | Canada Quebec

Le Shuffling, le Jump-style et le Gangnam Style ne sont que quelques exemples de tendances qui doivent leur brève existence au réseau YouTube, et à des milliers de participants à l'affût de nouvelles sensations. Cela dit, la plus récente œuvre collective de jeunes écervelés possédant une caméra s'appelle Harlem Shake.