Entries by Jordan Bateman from 11/2011

BC Hydro Enriches Itself While Stiffing Customers

| Posted 11.07.2011 | Canada Business

It's been a tough year for BC Hydro, but the Crown Corporation is lost in an electrical storm of its own making. Scathing reports, rate hikes, smart meters, layoffs and a CEO resignation have left the company reeling. Now it's time to realign BC Hydro's 'gold standard' with what ratepayers want: good value and low rates.

B.C. Voters Can Send City Hall a Message: Less Taxes, Control Spending

| Posted 11.18.2011 | Canada Politics

Municipal elections are notable for their small turnout. In many communities across B.C., a few votes can make a big difference, which is why people concerned about high taxes and bloated spending need to vote to change the culture of their council -- and then hold their new leaders accountable for their decisions.