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Municipal Golf Courses Have Taxpayers Tee'd-Off

| Posted 06.06.2012 | Canada Politics

Golf revenues are slowly on the decline across Canada. Some B.C. leaders have missed the simplest way of fixing this problem: getting taxpayers out of the golf game all together. It's one thing for taxes to go to essentials like water, sewer or public safety, it's another thing to know you're subsidizing luxuries like municipal golf courses. If you can find a service listed on YellowPages.ca, government shouldn't be providing it.

Why Can't I Know Where My Taxes Are Going in Victoria?

| Posted 06.18.2012 | Canada Business

Why aren't our MLAs comfortable releasing their expense reports? Why not follow the example set by Toronto City Hall where councillors publish every receipt online? Are B.C.'s MPs and MLAs hiding something from the taxpayer? MPs and senators and Ottawa have been violating their own documentation and contracting rules, is the same thing happening here in Victoria?