Entries by Keith Beardsley from 02/2013

When MPs Cross Party Lines

| Posted 02.06.2013 | Canada Politics

Political parties over the years have promised more freedom for MPs, more free votes etc., but little comes of it. All too often deviance from the party line by an MP becomes a media story and it plays as an embarrassment of the respective leader. It is no wonder then that party leaders react so strongly when this happens.

Are the Conservatives Shooting Themselves in the Foot?

| Posted 02.14.2013 | Canada Politics

Finally the NDP is making Question Period interesting to watch. And they have the Conservatives to thank for handing them the issues and the ammunition. I am speaking about NDP attacks on the Senate and the financial questions. It is often said that governments defeat themselves and it is issues like these that accumulate over time and eventually ruin your brand.

Eight-Year-Olds Get Attendance Taken, Why Not MPs?

| Posted 02.15.2013 | Canada Politics

There are clerks in the chamber and working with committees, is it so hard to take attendance? Would it be so difficult to have a simple web site that keeps track of a Member of Parliament's attendance, one that the public or media can check? Are we letting MPs have a free ride?

Trudeau Had Everything to Lose in Garneau Challenge

| Posted 02.26.2013 | Canada Politics

Poor Marc Garneau. He wanted a one-on-one debate with Justin Trudeau and Trudeau turned him down. That was a smart move. While it's true many people would like to know where Trudeau stands on a variety of issues, there is no reason for him to get involved in a one-on-one debate. He has the most to lose with such a format.