Entries by Matt Price from 02/2012

Harper Hears A Hu

| Posted 02.05.2012 | Canada Politics

There's nothing that the Chinese government likes more than Western leaders dropping all that human rights stuff and instead coming around to kowtow before them, as Steven Harper will do with President Hu Jintao this week. And what has brought about this change? In a word: Oil.

Selective Parochialism Disease Sweeps Canada

| Posted 02.13.2012 | Canada

There's a new sickness sweeping across Canada that medical experts have diagnosed as Selective Parochialism Disease. It afflicts mostly the ideological, and in particular those who think that cooking the planet for our children is a good idea.

Christy Clark Must Stand Up to the Tar Sands

| Posted 02.24.2012 | Canada

The Conservative government has launched a full-on attack against environmentalists who oppose the Northern B.C. pipeline. Where is Premier Christy Clark during all this? She's either nowhere, desperately trying to sit on the fence as her constituents come under assault, or she's siding with the bullies.

Rebutting Peter Kent

| Posted 02.25.2012 | Canada Politics

Props to HuffPost for getting Peter Kent into its office to answer some questions. Goodness knows Canadians need better answers from an Environment Minister whose reputation is that of acting on behalf of the tar sands industry rather than the environment. But the printed interview came off very much in the vein of "kid gloves."

Tar Sands: No Shortcut Out of Mucky Debate

| Posted 02.28.2012 | Canada

By most reports, Alberta's Premier Redford is a smart politician, capable of moving beyond mere platitudes, but she is at risk of drinking the tar sands Kool-Aid too quickly in her mandate and resorting to the name-calling we have come to expect from Alberta's politicians.