Entries by Peter Worthington from 11/2011

Who Will Make the CBC Accountable for its $1.1 Billion Budget?

| Posted 11.01.2011 | Canada Politics

Apart from the CBC's penchant for secrecy on how it spends the $1.1 billion of taxpayers' money it gets from the government, what I find unacceptable and disgraceful, is the CBC bidding on programs that the private sector would run, but can't match CBC funding which is given to them, rather than earned by them.

Should the Canada Goose Be Our National Symbol?

| Posted 11.02.2011 | Canada

My choice for a national symbol 30 years ago -- and remains so today -- is the Canada Goose. Critics fret that Canada Geese are a nuisance in parks, that they are messy, and take over areas, like grubby Wall Street occupiers. But the Canada goose has a curious nobility.

Greece Is Just the First to Fall

| Posted 11.03.2011 | Canada Business

Let 'em go. Let 'em make their own way until they change their minds and rejoin the club and adhere to existing rules. If that means another recession, or even a depression, better now than at some time in the future when damage will be even greater.

The OSPCA's Tale of Two Rockys

| Posted 11.05.2011 | Canada

This is the story of two dogs named Rocky -- one which was unnecessarily euthanized by the OSPCA this summer, and the other being feted by the OSPCA at a fundraiser on Nov. 28 at Roy Thomson Hall. The owner of the euthanized Rocky feels the fundraising is being used to make them forget the botch-up with their dog.

Useless Subs Will Sink Our Navy

| Posted 11.07.2011 | Canada Politics

What advantage would nuclear subs give Canada? Well, we could better detect Russian subs under Arctic ice. What would we do if we detected Russian subs? Well, we could inform the CBC which would relay the fact to Canadians. Would we consider torpedoing a Russian sub? Good gracious no!

Don Cherry Stands Up for Our Soldiers. Can the Same Be Said of His Critics?

| Posted 11.07.2011 | Canada

We all have opinions, but when it comes to standing up for his country, and for our soldiers, it's unlikely Don Cherry has an equal.

Charlie Hebdo Chooses Democracy Over Cowardice

| Posted 11.09.2011 | Canada

Bruce Crumley writes in Time magazine: "In a free society, a newspaper can ridicule and stigmatize whomever (sic) it chooses, except those who demonstrate a willingness to respond with violence." Self-censorship is the order of the day -- something not unknown in the Canadian media when it comes to Islamic extremists.

War Was Something We "Just Did"

| Posted 11.11.2011 | Canada

In the Korean War, I felt lucky to be going at someone else's expense. Adventure and curiosity. How would it feel to be shot at? What was an artillery barrage like? Would there be hand-to-hand fighting? We all expected to survive.

As Afghanistan War Ends, Will Harper Abandon Troops?

| Posted 11.12.2011 | Canada Politics

With our combat role in Afghanistan a thing of history, there's a feeling that Ottawa (i.e. the Harper government and most politicians) want to wash their hands of the military. Bring the boys and gals home, leave a token force there, and forget about 'em.

Time for Occupy Toronto Protesters to Pack it In

| Posted 11.16.2011 | Canada Politics

For all practical purposes the month-long long protest and park sleep-in is over. Patience has run out. Personally, protesters lost me when they began to agitate about the "sacred fire" they have in the park, contrary to park regulations.

Democracy Unlikely in Syria After Assad

| Posted 11.17.2011 | Canada

Does Assad have a date with the war crimes tribunal at the Hague awaiting him if he quits? Probably not if he leaves willingly. Almost certainly if he's forced out -- and isn't assassinated. The choice is his, but don't hold your breath for our sort of democracy to come to Syria after Assad.

Canadian Immigration Turns its Back on Afghan Translator

| Posted 11.19.2011 | Canada Politics

Now that Canada's combat role in Afghanistan has ended, it is tempting for some to turn their back on what went before. That's both foolish and wrong. Canada has a duty to make it easier for Afghan translators and such to enter Canada. Otherwise we are probably sentencing them to death.

I Saw Lee Harvey Oswald Gunned Down

| Posted 11.22.2011 | Canada

I happened to be the only Canadian journalist in the underground garage of the Dallas police station that bright Sunday morning two days later, when JFK's accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was gunned down by Jack Ruby.

Crush Hate Propaganda, Not Free Speech

| Posted 11.23.2011 | Canada Politics

Free speech is the right to be obnoxious; on occasion to be offensive; often to be wrong and to say rude or unkind things, but not necessarily untruthful things. Unlike human rights tribunals, those who go to court must prove they've been damaged by free speech.

Let Kids Play Ball

| Posted 11.25.2011 | Canada Living

It's not just foolish, but pathetic that elementary schools increasingly are banning sports or activities that can result in injuries. It won't be long before there are no swings in parks, no jungle gyms -- just a sandbox from which dogs are banned, for obvious reasons. More risk-free living.

Nigel Farage: European Parliament's Attack Dog

| Posted 11.29.2011 | Canada

To Nigel Farage, the "obsession" of EU members to create a European state means they are "happy to destroy democracy... who the hell do you think you people are? You are very, very dangerous people." Agree with Farage or not (I'm inclined to), he's refreshingly fearless and articulate.

We've Finally Escaped Kyoto's Flawed Mythology

| Posted 11.30.2011 | Canada Politics

For the past 14 years, leftist elements in Canada have trumpeted Kyoto's virtues -- that we've been a leading exponent of it, at the forefront to save the planet from carbon emissions that are warming the planet to the eventual disaster of us all. But Canada never -- not once -- abided by the dictums of Kyoto.