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How B.C. Zoned Out On The Tsunami Warning

| Posted 11.07.2012 | Canada British Columbia

Kitimat, B.C. and New York had one thing in common this week: the misuse and use of social media, Twitter and Facebook that spread both accurate warnings and dangerous misinformation about an impending disaster.

B.C. Tries To Examine Earthquake, Tsunami Response As 'Learning Opportunity'

| Posted 11.12.2012 | Canada British Columbia

The B.C. government is asking emergency program co-ordinators to give feedback on the initial responses to last month's 7.7-magnitude earthquake. A letter explains, "Input will be sought in an endeavour to hear from those directly impacted as a measure of enhancing our operations and response." It also reviews what unfolded from the province's side of things on Oct. 27. Read between the lines of the solicitor general's letter and while at first the officials say things went fine according to procedures in the book, events appear to show that in practice, the system didn't work as well as expected.